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Bolikon diti kisuang do karalano montok tulun di monimpuun Wikimidiawiki id boros di au poh nokopomudali id wiki. Intangai Special:SiteMatrix do mongintong pongintangan di tongowiki poinsuang (noputan taragang nopo nga au poh\ nopudali id wiki).

Laang Ko-1:Pokionuon

  • Pogulu do milo kou tumimpuun, iloo' no do kooturan montok maganu wiki id suang subdomain Wikimedia nopo nga lobi ogirot mantad ko' kooturan montok popotimpuun wiki pinsingumbalan hiti id Inkubator.
  • Potontuo no do haro "tulun di ogonop" ii kaanu koponoluod montok wiki.
  • Suai ko ii, boros nopo di gunoon nga minog do kiwaa kod boros ISO 639 di nookunan.

Au o Wikimedia momuruan hombo-hombo wiki id suang boros toi ko' dialek i aiso o kod ISO 639 di nokoimagon, toi ko' id suang boros di au momoguno aksara toi ko' ortografi di au notorimo toi ko' au gunoon miampai alaab. Sokiro nopo monimpuun ko projek sondii, intangai Incubator Plus id Fandom.


Dopitar om alanai kopomoisaan

Sokiro nopo au ko po nokosuang, log masuk toi ko' daftar akaun. Kaanu ii popouhan dokoyu mogihum tulun suai i manahak do kouhupan.

Sumusuhut, ongoi hilo id Special:Preferences (1) om alanai o boros antara muka dokoyu (2) om simbanan nogi o tetapan wiki pongumbalan:

  • Projek (3), poomitanan nopo nga, Wikipedia montok Wp/xx
  • Kod boros (4), ii no "xx" id suang Wp/xx

Laang ko-2: Potimpuun toi ko' popoimagon do wiki

  • Sokiro nopo au kou koilo kopio nung katanud nangku i boros dokoyu do kriteria ko amu, milo kou monguhot kokomoi dii id Incubator:Requests for starting a test.
    Nung au nokoimagon o boros dokoyu, nopugas no kanto ii. Nung nokoimagon o boros dokoyu, tantu do nokoopi ngaawi no suang dii om toinsanan nopo do kalaja nga poundolihon hilo id wiki kawawagu soira owonsoi wiki dii.
  • Id suang kotak id siriba, alanai o "xyz" miampai kod boros dokoyu. Gunoo kod w:ISO 639-1 nung haro ii, om nung aiso, gunoo kod w:ISO 639-3.
  • Alanan nogi o "Wp" (Wikipedia) sokiro iti nopo nga montok projek suai ("Wt" = Wiktionary, "Wn" = Wikinews, "Wb" = Wikibooks, "Wq" = "Wikiquote", "Wy" = Wikivoyage).

Todoso butang to'odo id sawat, om id suang nopo borang suntingan, alanai "ngaran boros id suang Bahasa Inggeris". Milo intangan o koilaan pomoruhang id liwang diti. Sumusuhut, poopio o liwang dii.

  • Tonudon o tituduk id liwang di kawawagu dokoyu kowonsoi. Pokionuon kou di do momonsoi liwang apangkal miampai uhu Projek/kod/Halaman_Utama.
  • Milo dokoyu patayadon o wiki id suang Incubator:Wikis.

Laang 3: Papaatod do pangapalaian

You can develop a test wiki here without making a request at Meta, but such a request is necessary if you want the wiki to eventually be moved out of the Incubator.

  • It is recommended to merge your account so you are automatically logged in into all wikis including MetaWiki.
  • Follow the instructions at the handbook for requesters.
  • Update the Wx/xyz info page here by changing the parameter "meta" to | meta = yes
  • As we already said, the policy to get a Wikimedia subdomain are stricter than to start a test project here. Read the policy carefully.
    • If the test project meets all formal requirements, it will be marked "verified to be eligible". If the request after a long time is not yet marked so, a requirement is probably missing.

Laang 4: Id suang Incubator

  • Content work is the most important thing. Write and maintain articles.
  • It can sometimes take a long time before your wiki is approved. Don't be discouraged.
    • Most proposals have a status page which easily says what needs to be done before it is approved.
  • You can apply for test wiki adminship, to take care of your test wiki.
  • A member of the Language Committee may propose the approval of your test wiki. If not, and you think your test wiki meets the requirements, you can propose its approval on their talk page.

Basic guidelines

There are a few rules that all Wikimedia projects must follow:

  • The Terms of use apply for all wikis. All pages need to be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and GNU Free Documentation License. Please keep in mind not to copy texts from other places which are not licensed this way without asking the author.
  • Authors must write from a neutral point of view (NPOV).
  • Orthographic practices - if there is more than one way to spell or write your language, you will need rules about it.
  • Stylistic conventions - if your language does not have a standardised universal form (the way everybody speaks it to understand each other), you will need to have one or have a rule to tell people which forms or dialects of your language to use. Also, you will need more complex stylistic conventions (for an example, see here).

Step 5: Localisation

The interface needs to be localised into your language. "Localization" includes translating the MediaWiki interface. Translation is one of the requirements before a wiki can be created. You can do this at Translatewiki. It is usually done parallel to the work on the test wiki.

  1. If you are not yet familiar with translatewiki.net, please follow the instructions there.
  2. Go to "Special:Translate" on translatewiki.net and then start translating:
    • While it would be even better to translate the entire interface, for a first project in a language you only need to localise the "most used MediaWiki messages". These are the messages that are of most importance to our readers.
      Note: If the interface is not yet available at all in your language — check the drop-down language menu at the top of the page—you will additionally need to translate at least 13% of the core MediaWiki messages in order to activate the interface in your language. (The "most used" messages count toward the 13%.)
    • For any subsequent project in a language, all the core MediaWiki messages and the messages of the main extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation need to be translated. It is expected that the community of the first project has maintained and improved the localisation and consequently it should be no hardship.

You are encouraged to join the language support team for your language, where you can provide information about your language (such as plural rules) or test functionality. If there is any technical problem, such as a lack of input methods or fonts for your language, do not hesitate to contact either through our community portal or on translatewiki.net.

Step 6: When the wiki is approved

If approved, the language committee will submit a bug request at Phabricator. Then it is only waiting on the developers to create the site. You can track the progress on Incubator:Site creation log.

Step 7: When the wiki is created

  • Stop! Maybe you want to copy all the pages from Incubator to the new wiki, but please do not do this.
  • Someone will import all the pages with their history, and without their prefixes.
  • After the import from the Incubator is done, you can edit everything, create new articles, invite new editors, and do other things to grow the wiki. Graduating from the Incubator is not the end; it is the beginning.

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