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If you are unsure whether your language is valid to be hosted here or have its own subdomain, you can ask here for advice.

Instructions   [view]

  • Be sure you have a user account here at Incubator.
  • How to request? Just say which language and which project (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, ...) and give a link to a Wikipedia article or another webpage with some information.
    • We need this to know the ISO 639 language code. If you already know it, you should of course say it.
    • If that language doesn't already have an existing wiki in another Wikimedia project, say also what "Main Page" means in that language.
  • add a new request
  • And then? Someone will say whether you are allowed to start a test, and if so, he will give a link where you need to start your test.

Current requests[edit]

Please use the link in the instructions above to add a new request.

None currently