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List of the 214 radicals (cê buô 字 部)


With their sounds in the Foochow dialect, and one or more of their leading significations. In some cases a special name used in Foochow to designate this radical is added in parenthesis. Otherwise they are designated as kēu-bèng (No. 30), ngiòng-bèng (No. 149), etc. or as pék-buô (No. 103), hièng-buô (No. 95), etc.


(亻) (刂) ()

(𡯂 尤) (川 巜) 广 (互)

(忄 ) (扌) (攵) (旡) (歺) (氵 氺) (灬) (爫) (牜) (犭)

(𤣩) (⺫) (礻)

(𥫗) (罒 ⺴) (⺼) (艹) (西)

(辶) (⻏)

(镸) (⻖)

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參考資料[edit | edit source]

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