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Wikimedia Foondation
Wikimedia Foondation

Weelcome til the Wikimedia Incubater!

This is the Wikimedia Incubater, whaur potential Wikimedia waurk wikis in new leid versions o Wikipædia, Wikibuikks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wiktionair n Wikivoyage can be arranged, wrutten, testit n proven worthie o bein hostit bi the Wikimedia Foondation.

Mynd ye, thir test wikis dinna yet hae thair ain wiki, thay can be uised fer real lik onie ither Wikimedia waurk wiki.

New leid versions o the Wikiversitie shid gang til the Beta Wikiversitie, n thae o the Wikisoorce til the Auld Wikisoorce.

Ye canna stairt ae hale new wairk, ye can yinlie stairt ae new leid edeetion o aen exeestin wairk.

Hou tae stairt ae new test wiki

Gif ye'r here tae stairt ae new leid edeetion o ae waurk, ye can fynd aw o the information oan Heelp:Manual. Please be aware o the local policie.

Some important rules:

  • Ye'll need ae valid leid code (explained in the manual). Gif ye dinna, ye can applie fer yin, or gang til Incubater Plus.
  • Stairtin ae test wiki here disna mean that it will later be autæmateeclie acceptit bi Wikimedia; ye'll need it tae be appruived bi the Leid committee first. See Requests fer new leids fer mair information.
  • Please respect the namin conventions fer the test leid, tae heelp futur migrations o pages til aen actual wiki waurk. Aw o yer test pages (incluidin templates n categeries) need tae be named uniquelie (bi uisin ae prefix — at least the leid code; see abuin) n conseestantlie.

Hou tae contreebute til ae test wiki oan the Incubater

Gif ye hae knawledge o a leid that haes ae test wiki here the nou, ye'r stranglie encooraged tae contreebute til that test wiki.

Please gie aw pages that ye cræft ae guid n proper prefix. Mair information aneat prefixes.



The Wikimedia Foundation operates several ither monieleidic n free-content waurks:

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The free encyclipædia
Wiktionary Wiktionair
Dictionair n thesaurus
Wikisource Wikisoorce
Free-content librie
Wikiquote Wikiquote
Collection o quotations
Wikibooks Wikibuiks
Free texbuiks n manuals
Wikinews Wikinews
Free-content news
Wikiversity Wikiversitie
Free lairnin materials n acteevities
Wikivoyage Wikivoyage
The free oanline travel guide
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The free knawledge base
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