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Thir ar the Frequantlie Speired Speirins.

Is this ae pairt o Wikipædia? Whit is Wikimedia, n MediaWiki?

Hae ae luik at thir eemages:

The Wikimedia Foundation n its waurks
Wikipædia, MediaWiki n Wikimedia
The Wikimedia Incubater is ae pairt o the Wikimedia Foundation, this operates vareeis waurks, lik Wikipædia.

Incubater n appruival

Whit ar the rules n policies?

Ye can fynd the policie oan Incubater:Policie. See the Categerie:Incubater:Policie aes weel.

Hou dae Ah uplaid aen eemage?

Gif ye'r ae registerit uiser, than ye can normallie uplaid ae file throoch Special:Upload bit it's disabled here. Ye hae tae uplaid it oan Wikimedia Commons. Ye can fynd mair information oan Incubater:Uplaid.

Hou dae Ah stairt ae new test wiki?

Follae the instructions oan Heelp:Manual. Mynd that ye reallie need ae valid ISO 639 leid code.

Whan will oor test wiki hae its ain steid?

Efter ye'v naunit ae request in at Meta, the test wiki will remain oan Incubater ontil the Leid committee gies its appruival. The wiki will first be vereefied tae be eligible, this means that the test wiki is permittit tae hae its ain wiki. Than ye'll see aen airtin til ae status page. Thaur ye can easilie see whit needs tae be dun still. Gif awthing haes been dun n yer test wiki here is still acteeve, the test wiki will be appruived. Efter appruival, it taks ae while afore ae bug is haunit in n afore the wiki is actuallie cræftit.

Hou dae we deveelip aen acteeve test waurk?

What tae write? n whit tae write aneat?

See the Manual fer smaw n new Wikipædias aes weel oan Meta. Fer the Test-Wikipædias:

  • Ye'll want tae hae ae hei-qualitie encyclipædia. Please write ae few suggestions fer the writers. Ar thaur wabsteids in yer leid aneat hou tae write? Perhaps ye want tae eik ae dictionair or ae graemmer guide here. Pit awthing in that coud be uissfu fer writers.
  • Ye can uise the leet o airticles that aw Wikipædia shid hae aes aen inspiration fer topeecs tae write aneat.
  • Airticles aneat the region whaur yer leid is spoken ar proablie o byordiair interest fer yer readers.
    • Geographie, Histerie, Societie, Politeecs
    • Science, Technologie, Airts, Religion, Sports
  • You can translate articles from other Wikipedias, so long as you attribute the source of the text that you are translating, to satisfy our licensing requirements. This can be done in the edit summary by including a statement such as "translated from the article [[:en:Title]] on the English Wikipedia".

Why dis the subdomain na wairk? Why dis the URL na reguide til the Incubater? Hou dae the reguidals wairk?

Fer ae test wiki oan the Incubater in ae leid leetit oan Special:SiteMatrix, the URL reguides til the Incubater (reidairtins oan Special:SiteMatrix). Exceptions:

  • Afore-gaun exeestin wikis that were claised (struck-throoch blueairtins).
  • Wikis in leids na leetit thaur (uissuallie Wikipædias).
  • Wikiversities n Wikisoorces.

Ye can speceefie ae normal URL, n it will reguide til the page oan the Incubater (xyz.wikiproject.org/wiki/Page → incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wx/xyz/Page) bit it will na tak intil accoont boondins lik "action=history". The base URL xyz.wikiproject.org will reguide til the Wx/xyz/Main_Page gif it exeests, n it will tak intil accoont ae "uselang" boondin.

Hou can we uise interwiki airtins?

Fer Wikipædia test-waurks, ye can uise interwiki airtins in the normal format (e.g. [[ru:Page name]] fer aen interwiki airtin til the Russian Wikipædia). Wikidata onfortunatelie dis na yet wairk fer the Incubater, bit thaur's ae bot that updates interwiki airtins nou n than. Interwiki airtins in the sidebaur fae exeestin Wikipædias til Incubater pages ar na possible.

Fer ither waurks, ye can uise interwiki airtins bi eikin the waurk code, e.g. [[en:voy:Page]] fer airtins til the Ingils Wikivoyage, [[fr:wikt:Page]] fer French Wiktionair, n sae oan.


Whit's ae prefix?

Ae prefix is the first pairt o ae page title, gif ye gang til aae random page ye'll proablie gang til ae page "Wx/xx/Page title". The first twa letters indicate the waurk, than ae slash, the follaein twa or three letters indicate the leid, than anither slash, than the normal page title aes it will be whan the wiki is cræftit.

Prefixes ar uised in aw namespaces fer test-wiki content, e.g. "Template:Wx/xx/Template name" n "Category:Wx/xx/Categerie name". Mynd that the leid code maun be lowercase.

Important note: The Help: and Project: (Incubator:) namespaces are reserved for pages serving the entire Incubator. To create a page for the Help: or Project: (e.g., "Wikipedia:") namespace of your test, place the page in mainspace by putting the namespace in after the prefix (e.g., "Wx/xx/Help:Help page" or "Wx/xx/Wiktionary:Project page").

Whit's the prefix o oor test wiki?

This needs tae be Waurk/code

  • Waurk: Normallie ye stairt wi Wikipædia, sae uise Wp, bit it can be: Wiktionair (prefix "Wt/") aes weel, Wikiquote (prefix "Wq/"), Wikibuiks (prefix "Wb/"), Wikinews (prefix "Wn/"), or Wikivoyage (prefix "Wy/"). Wikisoorce n Wikiversitie waurks ar hostit elsewhaur: oldwikisource: n betawikiversity:.
  • Code: The ISO 639 code o yer leid. The leid maun hae ae valid ISO 639 code (rake).

Heelp, Ah hae nae ISO code!

Sarrie, bit ye canna stairt ae test wiki here.

Why maun aw the pages be prefixed?

Thaur's several raisons:

  • Logeeclie, tae disteenguish the pages atween the test leids.
    Fer example, gif thaur's yin page (e.g. "Europa"), this is the same in monie, monie leids. Whit test will hae aen airticle wi that name? Whit shid the ither test hae tae dae? Prefixes solve this proablem.
  • The prefixed pages will be importit whan yer test leid haes its ain subdomain, the onprefixed pages will na.
    Pages hae tae be imported in steid o jist copied. It's vera vera haurd tae import pages wioot ae prefix.
  • The prefixed pages will be leetit in the analises fer yer test leid, the onprefixt will na.
    Sae, in some waa, ye'll get yer ain wiki faster :-)

Hou tae airt til the prefixt pages?

The AddPrefix gadget is enabled by default for everyone (since 2022). Using it, you link to prefixed pages with normal link syntax like you would in any other wiki, and it will be converted into prefixed links. For example, [[Page title]] will be converted into [[Wx/xx/Page title|Page title]] automatically.

If you don't have JavaScript enabled, or if you for some other reason wish to edit without the gadget, you need to add the prefix manually to all links, categories and templates when you edit a test wiki.

Ah still dinna unnerstaun it, or Ah dinna ken whit the prefix is

Ettle speirin in the communitie portal fer heelp.

New wiki cræftit

Oor wiki haes been cræftit! Bit whit dae Ah need tae dae nou?

First aff, ye can cræft aen accoont oan the new wiki, bit dinna stairt copiein or eeditin! Somebodie will import pages fae here til the new wiki, see Importin fae the Incubater fer mair information.

Oan Special:Stateesteecs, the coonter gies ae law nummer o airticles!

It's ae knawn proablem that the nummer o pages is oncorrect fer new wikis. The coonter is updated autæmateeclie efter some time, sae perhaps it will be correct efter ae few days. Itherwise, deveelipers need tae rin maintenance screepts tae fix it.

Why ar some pages na imported?

Ye proablie got the nummer o airticles fae Special:Stateesteecs or {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}. It's ae knawn proablem that page coont is oncorrect efter import. Sae, luik at Special:Awpages fer the real nummer (nae nummer, bit ae leet o aw pages). Oan the ither side, efter afore-gaun imports thaur were some pages missin. This coud be fixt in the meanwhile, bit it's still possible that thaurs some pages missin. Gif sae, than please report it til the uiser that imported the pages til yer wiki.

Hou dae we set oor ain logo?

  • First aff, eik (or fix) the owerset o the name n motto of yer waurk til yer leid in this leet sae that it will be possible in futur tae re-cræft the logo, n remuive 5=incubator fae yer row gif ye hae yer ain wiki nou.
  • The page haes airtins til some hou-taes aes weel: uplaid the logo oan Commons unner its staundairt title (lik File:Wikipedia-logo-v2-en.png fer en.wikipedia) n protect that eemage or speir somebodie with admeen access tae dae sae. Gif ye'r na able tae cræft it yersel, than it's possible that some ither bodie will dae it fer ye fae the leet abui; tae speir fer heelp, gie the tauk page o the logo galleries oan Commons ae shot, e.g. commons:Wikipedia/2.0.
  • Mynd that it maun be 135 pixels wide n transpairant. Whan ye'r sais it's dun richt, request oan Bugzilla tae set yer logo.

Hou dae we chynge oor steidname?

Request at Phabricator tae chynge the steidname.

Hou dis somebodie become aen admeen?

Ye can eether request temperie admeenship oan the Meta page fer permeession requests, or ye can elect aen admeen oan yer new wiki n than request normal admeenship oan the same page, wi aen airtin til the local election.

Interwiki airtins til oor new waurk dinna wairk!

This aften occurs fer leids that ar new til Wikimedia. Hae patiance, the issue haes proablie awreadie reportit n it will be resolved suin.

We'r na leetit oan the Leet o Wikipædias! (or ae siclik leet)

Dinna fash, it will be updated suin. Gif na, ye can aye apen ae bug oan Bugzilla (tag with: VPS-project-Wikistats).

Localisation, interface, etc.

The interface is in Ingils, hou can Ah chynge it til ae leid that Ah speak?

First, ye need tae be loggit in. Than ye can easilie chynge yer leid in the preferances (the leet somewhaur in the middle). See here aes weel fer interface owersetin: Special:MyLanguage/Help:Manual#5 Alternateevelie, ye can chynge the leid bi clapin oan the name o yer nou interface leid, this is displeyed at the tap o the page, nex til yer uiser name.

Ma leid's na oan the leet oan Special:Preferences? / Ah'v chosen ma leid bit it's still in Ingils?

This means that yer leid is na yet owerset, or na compleatelie owerset. Gif yer willin tae owerset it, than ye can dae that oan Translatewiki.net (follae the instructions oan Special:FirstSteps). See aes weel the localisation stateesteecs oan Translatewiki n the Owersetin waurk oan the Incubater.

Ma speirin is na answered.

Ettle speirin in the Communitie Portal. The speirin n answer will be eikit here.