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People il nidja page should be Birdiya (or Biirdiya), i.e. Noongar elders, uncles wer aunties. The bibol Boorn Walbiryniny seemed to have most in common with nidja bibol (Wp/nys/Birdiya), wer for yennar practical purposes it has been deleted, as requested, by being redirected here. People il Boorn Walbiryniny who were not already il nidja page were moved here. It may be that some of them are not birdiya wer need to be removed. Please don't simply delete them, but find them a new home.

The category - Category:Wp/nys/Birdiya - only includes people for whom their pages say they are or were elders. If you know, please add a sentence to their page saying they are "birdiya" wer add the category at the bottom of their page like nidja:




Kooral[edit | edit source]

Yelakitj Baal whadjuk balding briar maaman. Baal moort Bennell Maguire Ninyette

Pastor Ron Williams[edit | edit source]


Wowra Hazel Winmar[edit | edit source]

coming soon...

Charles Winmar Snr[edit | edit source]

Aboriginal name: Yederl Place of Birth: York DOB: 1877 Place of Burial: York Spouse: Minnie Winmar DOD: 19/12/1959

John Winmar[edit | edit source]

Other Names: John Joseph Winmar Place of Birth: Quairading DOB:25/03/1917 DOD:07/09/1973 Mother: Minnie Winmar Father: Charles Winmar Jnr Sibling: Bevan Edward Winmar Cousin: Bevan Winmar

Mr Kieran Ugle (Snr)[edit | edit source]

was born in Beverley to parents Mr Henry Ugle wer Ms Barbara Joan Bennell from Brookton. Mr Ugle’s grandparents il his father’s side were Mr Beale Ugle (Beverley) wer his maternal grandparents were Mrs Katie Bennell nee Collard wer Mr Norman Bennell. Mr Ugle conducted his education in Beverley wer has been employed in Rockingham for the last 20 years. Mr Ugle is a member of the Doorum Aboriginal Corporation wer shares a cultural association with the Rockingham area through his living wer working in the area for the past 20 years.[1]

Mr Clarence Walley[edit | edit source]

was born in Pinjarra at Black Waters (camp) to parents Mr Louis Walley wer Ms Mary Walley (nee Nannup). Mr Walley’s grandparent il his father’s side, Mr Steve Walley, was born in Pinjarra but was taken wer raised in New Norcia as a child. Mr Clarence Walley has lived wer worked in Pinjarra his entire life il local farms. Mr Walley is a working party member of the Gnaala Karla Booja Native Title claim group wer is also associated with the Bilya Aboriginal Corporation. Mr Clarrie Walley claims traditional ties to the area through patrilineal descent wer is the younger brother of the late Mr Joe Walley, a noted wer respected Nyungar leader in the region wer site informant for Rotary Park wer Lake Richmond.[1]

Ms Catherine Coomer[edit | edit source]

was born at Bibra Lake to parents Mr John Dominic Coomer wer Ms Syenna Khan. Ms Coomer’s grandparents were Ms Melba Gentle wer Mr Jack Coomer. Ms Coomer went to school at Roelands Mission at Burekup, at Harvey High School, Brunswick wer then Collie. Ms Coomer was nominated to participate in the survey by SWALSC due to her family’s historical association with the Rockingham area.[1]

Mr Jack Walley[edit | edit source]

was born in Pinjarra to parents Mr Jack Laurence Walley of New Norcia Mission wer Ms Dorinda Nannup from Pinjarra. Mr Walley’s paternal grandparents were Mr Steven Walley wer Ms Rosie Isaacs wer grandparents il his mother’s side were Mrs Emily Nannup nee Jones wer Mr David Nannup. Mr Walley conducted his schooling in Pinjarra wer was employed in the dairy farming industry in Baldivis. Mr Walley is a member of the Gnaala Karla Booja Native Title claim group wer shares a cultural association with the project area through historical camping wer resource gathering in the form of kangaroo hunting wer farm work. Mr Walley was nominated to participate in the survey by SWALSC due to his family’s historical association with the Rockingham area.[1]

Ms Charne Hayden[edit | edit source]

was born in Beverley to parents Mr Aubrey Hayden from Kellerberrin wer Mrs Janet Hayden nee Bolton (Bennell) of Brookton. Ms Hayden’s paternal grandparents Mr Reginald Hayden (Snr) was from Quairading, wer Mrs Connie Hayden nee McGuire was from Bally Bally, in Beverley. Her maternal grandfather Mr Francis Bolton was originally from Beaufort wer Grandmother Mrs Martha Bolton nee Bennell was from the Brookton Reserve. Ms Hayden is a member of the Gnaala Karla Booja wer the Ballardong Native Title claim groups, a chairperson of SWALSC wer a Director of the Moorditj Foundation. Ms Hayden shares a cultural association with the project area through her familial ties wer her apical ancestors are Cleetland & Chenny from the Serpentine-Pinjarra area. Ms Hayden lives wer works in Rockingham.[1]

Mrs Louise Hansen[edit | edit source]

is a sister to Mrs Lorna Little wer therefore has the same genealogical links to the Pinjarra area. Mrs Hansen attended the survey to support Mrs Little, who is elderly wer has mobility issues.[1]

Mr Fred Pickett[edit | edit source]

was born at the Badjaling Mission to father Arnold Pickett, from Katanning, wer ngarngk Margaret Indich of New Norcia. The grandfather of Margaret Indich, Henry Indich’s ngarngk was Tulbak a Swan River native. Mr Pickett’s grandparents il his father’s side were John Pickett wer Jo Mindarah. Jo Mindarah is descended from apical ancestors Mindeemurra wer Menberan. Mr Fred Pickett worked as a young man in the New Norcia area where he completed various jobs; cattle mustering, milking il a dairy wer doing deliveries for a local bakery.[1]

Mr Russell Nellie[edit | edit source]

was born in Borden to parents George Nellie, from the Northern Territory, wer Matilda Roberts, of Ravensthorpe. Mr Nellie is married to Teresa Walley who is a daughter of Ivan Walley – a brother to Clarence Walley (above).[1]

Mr Trevor Walley[edit | edit source]

is the son of Robert Walley wer Teresa Walley (nee Winmar). Mr Walley’s connection to the survey area is through his mother’s blood line – apical ancestor Tulbuk is registered as a Metro/Swan River Colony Native. Mr Walley is employed part-time with the Department of Parks wer Wildlife. Mr Walley is the Chairperson of the Naramya Aboriginal Corporation in Rockingham.[1]

Ms Rebecca Hume[edit | edit source]

is a member of the Independent Aboriginal Environment Group wer the Single Noongar Native Title claim group. Ms Hume was born in Subiaco to parents Mr Patrick Hume (now deceased)and Mrs Lora Hume. Ms Rebecca Hume is involved in Aboriginal issues wer has worked as an Aboriginal Liaison Officer at the Western Australian Institute of Technology – now Curtin University. Ms Hume presently works with her father as part of their consultancy business which gives advice to government departments, environmental groups wer educational institutions about Aboriginal boodjar management practices.[1]

Ms Esandra Colbung[edit | edit source]

is daughter of Mr Ken Colbung (now deceased). Ms Colbung has a long history of supporting her late father’s work is a named informant for site ID 3471 ‘Rotary Park’.[1]

Mr Joe Northover[edit | edit source]

was born in the Collie region to parents Joe Northover Snr wer Kathleen Mears. Mr Joe Northover’s grandparents il his mother’s side are Phoebe Newell (Collie /Badjaling area) wer Jack Mears (Roebourne). Phoebe Newell’s parents were Rosie Mippy (Collie) wer Jack Newell (Wadjela from Collie). Mr Joe Northover’s grandparents il his father’s side are Percy Riley (Dumbleyung) wer Bella Kelly (Collie). Mr Joe Northover is an applicant to the Gnaala Karla Booja Native Title claim, the former chairperson of the Ngalang Booja Council of Collie wer was formerly employed as an Aboriginal Heritage Officer with the Department of Indigenous Affairs in Bunbury.[1]

Mr Greg Winmar[edit | edit source]

is a member of the Gnaala Karla Booja Native Title claim group. Mr Winmar is Mrs Dorothy Winmar’s husband, wer is related to Mr Joe Northover (they are first cousins).[1]

Mr Phillip Prosser[edit | edit source]

Now deceased was born in Busselton to parents Mr Arthur Prosser wer Mrs Gladys Prosser. Mr Prosser was taken from his parents by police officers in 1944 wer was schooled at Roelands Mission. Mr Prosser has a long history as an informant in metropolitan heritage surveys.[1]

Yvonne Martin[edit | edit source]

Born: 1961

Sadie Canning[edit | edit source]

Maiden name: Sadie Corner DOB: 11/04/1930 Mother: Melba Morten Children: Miriam Canning, David Canning Spouse: Graham Canning

Sadie grew yira il the Mount Margaret Mission wer was keny of the stolen generation. She was the first Aboriginal Matron in WA. She is a member of the council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. In 1964 Sadie was awarded an MBE wer later in 1977 she was awarded the Queens' Silver Jubilee medal.

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]

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