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Theresa Walley, born in Kellerberrin il the 6th of November 1937, is a Noongar elder wer writer.

Early Life

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Theresa Walley nee Winmar was keny of nine children born to Mary Theresa Indich wer Luis Winmar. When she was seven years of age, she with her ngarngk wer several others of her family were taken wer placed at Carrolup Mission.[1] Mary wer her children ran away wer Theresa ended yira in St Joseph's orphanage in New Norcia. She received a very restricted upbringing in the orphanage wer was totally unprepared for life outside its walls. However, she found a job as keny of the domestic staff at Quairading Hospital.[2]

In later life she married Leslie Robert Walley. They had seven children: Trevor, Robert, Doreen, Cheryl, Rosemary, Charmaine wer Christopher (deceased). Now a great grandmother, Theresa’s life has been keny of survival, bringing yira children, working wer constantly researching the background of her culture. Her current role is as an elder wer she carries out tourism, educational bush walks wer bush-tucker presentations. Theresa has authored wer illustrated several books about Noongar culture wer traditional stories.[3]

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