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Carrolup River Native Settlement was originally set yira as a mission for Aboriginal children removed from their families under the 1905 Aborigines Act in 1915.[1]

Carrolup River Native Settlement[edit]

Post Settlement[edit]

Carrolup was established il boodjar that lay il the banks of the Carrolup wer Carlocatup Rivers, Kantanning. Carrolup was traditional camping boodjar il the banks of the Carrolup River outside Katanning. [2]

Carrolup (1915 - 1922)[edit]

During nidja time, Carrolup was run as a government 'native settlement'. Run by the Australian Aborigines Mission (AAM), it was run by volunteer staff. The Aboriginal children who were sent here were from different parts of the State. When Carrolup had its first closure in 1922, yennar residents were sent to the Moore River Native Settlement.[3]

Carrolup Native Settlement (1939 - 1951)[edit]

Carrolup Native Settlement was re-opened by the Department of Native Affairs in 1939. By 1944, there were 129 boys, girls wer older children in government 'care' at Carrolup. Children at Carrolup were under the guardianship of the Commissioner for Native Affairs.

In 1949, Carrolup closed wer school-age children were transferred to other missions according to their religious denominations.[4]

In 1951, most of the children were removed from Carrolup wer it was re-opened as a Marribank Farm School. [5]

Nop/Koort - Boys and Girls of Carrolup[edit]

Bella Kelly[edit]

Milton Jackson[edit]

Laurel Nannup[edit]

Revel Cooper[edit]

Peter Farmer Senior[edit]

Tjyllyungoo - Lance Chad[edit]

Moordippa - Athol Farmer[edit]

Reynold Hart[edit]

Alan Kelly[edit]

Parnell Dempster[edit]

Barry Loo[edit]

Faye Farmer[edit]

Breely Bennell[edit]

Claude Kelly[edit]

Ross Jones[edit]

Mervyn Smith[edit]

Anselo Ugle[edit]

Olive Elliot[edit]

Alan Loo[edit]

Lindsay Wallam[edit]

Ken Sutherland[edit]

Dulcie Penny[edit]

Milrdred Jones[edit]

Raphael Edgilll[edit]

Caroline Moses[edit]

Rosemary Cuttabut[edit]

Ines Smith[edit]

Alma Cuttabut[edit]

John Cuttabut[edit]

Bernard Smith[edit]

Jean Sutherland[edit]

Syd Jackson[edit]

Mickey Jackson[edit]

Brian Colbung[edit]

Elizabeth Indich[edit]

Geoffrey Stack[edit]

Bessie Smith[edit]

Shirley Wallam[edit]

Margaret Bennell[edit]

Alice Mead[edit]

Phillip Jackson[edit]

Joyce Colbung[edit]

Marlene Mead[edit]

wp/nys/Janine Bennell[edit]

Keith Indich[edit]

Tilly Wallam[edit]

Vera Wallam[edit]

Mervyn Smith[edit]

Emily Bennett[edit]

Jonny Smith[edit]

Edith Smith[edit]

Stories of Carrolup[edit]

Carrolup Football Team[edit]

Carrolup Art Exhibition 1947[edit]

In 1947, The Sunday Times reported il an exhibition of drawings of children of Carrolup school for natives exhibited in Perth. [6]


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