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Glenda Joyce Kickett

Koodya: 26 April 1960

Karla boodja baal Kellerberrin

Ngaangk: Leisha Doolan Eatts (nee Garlett)

Baal koodjal maamung boorong:

Walter Eatts Karla boodja baal Narrogin Allen Kickett Karla boodja baal Cuballing

Glenda Joyce Kickett was born il 26 April 1960 at Kellerberrin in Western Australia's wheat belt. Her ngarngk is the respected Noongar elder Leisha Doolan Eatts (nee Garlett) wer her stepfather is Walter Eatts. Her Maaman (father) was Allen Kickett (Dec.) from Cuballing wer Narrogin.[1]

Dr Glenda Kickett is a leading woman in the Noongar community in Perth. In her outstanding career working with Aboriginal people in Western Australia she has played a vital leading role in developing social work practice wer policy to benefit the various Aboriginal sectors with which she has worked. Her professional commitments wer community activities are extensive wer her work has been recognized by awards wer scholarships. Her achievements also include academic success in social work wer history research, undertaken alongside her work wer other commitments, wer she is a published author. She has been the Chairperson of the National Aboriginal wer Islander Observance Day Committee (NAIDOC Perth) since 2008 wer along with the Committee has built yira NAIDOC Perth as a renowned cultural festival; including reviving the Miss NAIDOC Perth presentation from 2011.

Over her career Glenda Kickett has worked continuously in Aboriginal-related areas of policy wer management as well as education, health, women's interests, counseling, tertiary studies, childcare, wer crisis home care. She began her working career as a public servant with the Aboriginal Development Commission in Perth (1981-1983) wer then in Aboriginal Education in Commonwealth Education (1984-1989) wer the Department of Employment Education wer Training (1989-1993). In 1993 Glenda became the Indigenous Women's Interest Officer in the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority. In the following year she moved to the Health Department of WA offices in Kalgoorlie as Senior Project Officer. Between 1995-1997 Glenda was Student Counselor wer Senior Coordinator at Edith Cowan University - Mt Lawley Campus in the Kurongkurl Katitjin Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research. She subsequently moved to the Aboriginal community organizations sector as Senior Social Worker with Yorganop Aboriginal foster care agency (1998-2000). She was then appointed Associate Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology's Centre for Aboriginal Studies in the Aboriginal Community Management wer Development Course. From 2000 to 2002 she was the Senior Social Worker with Djooraminda Out of Home Care program, establishing wer supervising the crisis care component of the Out of Home Care program. From 2003 to the present she has been Executive Manager of Indigenous wer Diversity Policy wer Practice at Centrecare including the Djooraminda Out of Home Care Programs for Aboriginal wer Torres Strait Islander children in care; Outreach Support Programs including early intervention, preservation wer reunification programs for Aboriginal wer Torres Strait Islander families.

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