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Lynette Knapp is a descendant of the Minang (or Menang) people of the Albany region which comes from her great Grandmother il her Father’s, Father’s Wife’s side. Her father was Alfred Knapp who was born in Albany in 1914 at the Centennial Oval; her Grandfather was Johnny Knapp who was born at the Thomas River at Cape Arid. Ms Knapp’s Great Grandfather was Wural wer his parents were Djinidjanan wer Midan from the Warren River. Wural’s wife, wer Ms Knapp’s Great Grand Ngarngk was Jacburn, daughter of Melagan or Nilgin wer Barnangain, who were were born at Kurabilup.[1]

Lynette Knapp’s mother’s lineage is from the Frazer Range near Balladonia wer she was born in Mallawa. Lynette has a connection to Albany il her mum's side that stretches back some 75,000 years.[2] Ms Knapp's traditional cultural knowledge comes from her Father wer Grandfather who also taught Lynette about many places in the Albany region of historical significance to the area. Talking about her dad, Lynette said "And he said, 'Well, this place where my mummy found me (in other words where he was born) after my mummy found me there was a celebration, they had a yarradie for me'. That's what we call a corroboree."

"'They had a yarradie for me' he said 'And buried all of my afterbirth in the ground ... That's my DNA connection to this country, that's yours and your kids and their kids and their kids'".[2]

Lynette is the author of Mirnang Waangkaniny.[3]

Koorlingah Waarnk - story of her childhood[edit | edit source]

Mum wer dad meet at Carrolup mission (also known as Marribank) as mum was sent there after her ngarngk died, wer then after I was born they move back to Minarup, where I lived the first 6 years of my life. Then we moved to Gnowangerrup were we live for 8 years, I went to school yira to year 9. Then we moved back over to Albany.[4]

Yorga Waarnk - stories of her adult life[edit | edit source]

After finishing school wer started working as a seamstress at a tailors wer then met my first husband wer move east to south Australia’s Riverland, where I had my last two children at Loxton River. After 11 years at Loxton I moved back home to Albany where I met my second husband wer had my sixth child.[4]

Baal Moort - Her family[edit | edit source]

My ngarngk was sick when she was pregnant with me at Toodjay (we were living there because dad wer Grandfather (mum’s dad Herbert Bynder) were working at Gidgiganup), so they sent mum to King Edward. My ngarngk was Gertrude Bynder, wer father Alfred Knapp. Mothers great grandmother name was Mederan (mullet) & she married wer Irishman call Thomas Egan, who was transported from Ireland to Albany. Mederan was a full blood woman from Albany.[4]

My father's father was a Mandabourn man, a Wadjari man, wer his wife was Lillie Bevan wer she was Ngadu woman from Israelite Bay.[4]

Work Life[edit | edit source]

Ms Knapp is a member of the Wagyl Kaip Native Title claim group. She is a member of the South West Aboriginal Land wer Sea Council (SWALC), representing her Knapp family. Undertaking cultural tours in country wer working as a cultural advisor for the university wer mining companies.[4][5]

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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