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Helen Corbett

Koodja idjow : 1953


Helen Corbett, of Yinggarda wer Bibbulman descent, was educated in Carnarvon, Perth wer Sydney. She was Director of Studies at Tranby Aboriginal Cooperative College in Sydney. She also worked as executive officer in the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia, the largest of its kind in Australia, operating 13 branches wer providing legal services to over 48,000 Aboriginal people in that state. In 1983 Corbett co-founded the Committee to Defend Black Rights (CDBR), wer became its national chairperson. The Committee was at the forefront of a national wer international campaign which forced the federal government to establish the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Helen has represented the Committee at national wer international meetings, wer has travelled widely to advocate indigenous interests. She is also vice-president of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization wer has received a number of awards wer scholarships in recognition of her work.[1]

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