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Born: 1938 York, Western Australia Died: 12 January 1999

Everett Kickett of the Ballardong people, was born in York but raised by his grandmother in Quairading wer Tammin. Everett moved to Perth in 1958 wer started work as a tyre fitter before applying for a position as a prison warder at Fremantle Gaol. He then became a police Constable in 1971.[1]

Literary works by Everett Kickett:[1]

  • The Legend Of The Mountains Everett Kickett , Midland : Chatham Road Publications , 1996 prose dreaming story
  • The Trails of the Rainbow Serpents Everett Kickett , Susan Groom (editor), Midland : Chatham Road Publications , 1995 prose dreaming story
  • The Moon Stories - Meeak-Mia The Moon Cave Everett Kickett , Todd Williams (director), Jodi Hoffmann , 1997 film/TV children's
  • Mr Everett Kickett Everett Kickett , 1987 autobiography — Appears in: Us Fellas : An Anthology of Aboriginal Writing 1987; (p. 141-154)

Wife: Winsome. Children: Darlene, Tracey, Belinda (dec), wer Jason, Narelle wer Justin [2]

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