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Elizabeth Jean Collard was a high respected and well known community development and Aboriginal Health worker and advocate until her premature passing in 1991. She was and still is remembered for her various work and dedication to her community.

Elizabeth Jean Collard
Boodjar: Whadjuk/Baladong Noongar
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Koorliny wiern yey: 1991
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Early Life and Moort (family)

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Kura baal karla boodjar koorlaliny Kokeby [1] Bally Bally [2], Kalkanyiny (meaning place of fire) [1]. [3]

Keny koorlingah. Baal maam Tom Bennell ngarnk Muriel McGuire Bennell. Jean was the only child of Tom Yelakitj Bennell (son of Kate Collard and Dooram Bennell of Brookton) and Muriel McGuire.https://www.westerlymag.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WesterlyVol.54Leonard-M.Collard.pdf

Baal koorlingah maar-koodjal koodjal. Baal Gwoyrat koodjal koodjal nop Marie Taylor, Neville Collard, Freda Ogilvie, Betty Garlett, Geoffrey Collard, Sandra Harben, Robyn Rioli, Prof. Len Collard and Brett Collard.[2]


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Jean had a long career in Aboriginal Health and worked at many places including the Cockburn Community Health Service as a Health Worker in the Fremantle and Cockburn doing outreach. Jean was also a co-founder of the Southern Suburbs Progress Association – an incorporated Aboriginal Association, which was responsible for the Aboriginal programs and people in Cockburn. As part of this role, Jean set up the elders program as part of the Disability Services funding arrangements and program in Coolbellup, rented to her by HomesWest and through the Aboriginal Housing Board and launched by one of the Ministers for the area at that time, John Dawkins.

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  2. Prof. Collard, L. (2016) Oral Interview. Fremantle WA.

Jean was involved in the Maaman O’Mia Church and used to support the Reverend Sealin Garlett in his work in the area of the City of Cockburn, and we were also involved in the induction service of Sealin many years ago (part of the Uniting Church).

Jean in conjunction with Lorna Little helped set yira the Aboriginal Bridging Course at Curtin University. [1]

  1. https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wp/nys/Lorna_Little

Awards and Recognition

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In 2018, St John of God Hospital launched a scholarship for Aboriginal people studying allied health, named in her honour, the Jean Collard Scholarship for Allied Health, which recognised Jean’s significant contribution to the health, welfare and advancement of Aboriginal people.https://www.sjog.org.au/our-locations/st-john-of-god-subiaco-hospital/news/news/2018/07/20/06/24/sjg-subiaco-naidoc-week-celebrations

At Booyeembara Park - White Gum Valley, not far from Jeans family home prior to her passing, a Commemorative Rock, which honours the long and testing struggle of Jean Elizabeth Collard, and fellow Noongar women Lorna Hume and Ivan Yarran, who fought for recognition, unity and justice for the Aboriginal people has been erected. https://www.outandaboutfnc.com/post/booyeembara-park-white-gum-valley