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To do: Justify the existence of each page (add a note behind it here). Otherwise propose it for deletion.

All Incubator namespace pages excluding subpages (archives, translations) and shortcuts, redirects[edit source]

  1. Incubator:About - ABOUT/self-presentation Yes check.svg
  2. Incubator:Administrators - our Requests for permissions Yes check.svg
  3. Incubator:Administrators' noticeboard - for every request specifically to admins Yes check.svg
  4. Incubator:Autoconfirmed users - important info for new users Yes check.svg
  5. Incubator:Babel - Babel is important Yes check.svg
  6. Incubator:Chronostatistics - to see "activity span" of tests Yes check.svg
  7. Incubator:Community Portal - our main discussion, feedback, proposal & request [requests not covered by another page] page Yes check.svg
  8. Incubator:Community Portal/Who can help you? - outdated, probably not useful. Redesign?
    Incubator:Community Portal/Who can help you?/user
  9. Incubator:Community Portal/editintro - does it actually show up?
    1. It shows up when clicking on the big green "add section" link" SPQRobin 22:39, 16 January 2012 (UTC)[reply]
  10. Incubator:Community Portal/template - ok Yes check.svg
  11. Incubator:Coordination for importing closed projects - important Yes check.svg
    Incubator:Coordination for importing closed projects/li
  12. Incubator:Copyrights - important/required(?) Yes check.svg
  13. Incubator:Featured wikis - element of the Main Page, to highlight certain active wikis Yes check.svg
  14. Incubator:Future - planning Yes check.svg
  15. Incubator:Future/info page - planning Yes check.svg
  16. Incubator:Future/strategy - planning Yes check.svg
  17. Incubator:General disclaimer - important/required(?) Yes check.svg
  18. Incubator:IRC - info about IRC is useful Yes check.svg
  19. Incubator:IRC/Quotes - questionable
  20. Incubator:ISO 639 - ISO 639 is probably one of the most ominous things for new users Yes check.svg
  21. Incubator:Import requests - useful Yes check.svg
  22. Incubator:Importing from Incubator - important to know for contributors (and new wiki importers ;-) ) Yes check.svg
  23. Incubator:Language select - questionable, from Meta (just link there?), do we actually use it?
  24. Incubator:List of Wikimedia language codes - useful Yes check.svg
    Incubator:List of Wikimedia language codes/i
    Incubator:List of Wikimedia language codes/l
  25. Incubator:Main Page - Main Page Yes check.svg
  26. Incubator:Maintenance - overview over maintenance tasks Yes check.svg
    Incubator:Maintenance/Incorrect titles
    Incubator:Maintenance/Incorrect titles/With suffixes
    Incubator:Maintenance/Incorrect titles/description
    Incubator:Maintenance/Misplaced namespaces
    Incubator:Maintenance/Test wikis without infopage
  27. Incubator:News - news Yes check.svg
  28. Incubator:News/2011 report - Yes check.svg
  29. Incubator:Policy - policy Yes check.svg
  30. Incubator:Policy/Draft - outdated
  31. Incubator:Policy/First draft - outdated
  32. Incubator:Policy/Test language status - important Yes check.svg
  33. Incubator:Privacy policy - important/required(?) Yes check.svg
  34. Incubator:Requests for deletions - needed Yes check.svg
  35. Incubator:Requests for starting a test - important request/help page Yes check.svg
    Incubator:Requests for starting a test/editintro
    Incubator:Requests for starting a test/instructions
  36. Incubator:Sandbox - jäääh Yes check.svg
    Incubator:Sandbox/Please do not edit this line
  37. Incubator:Site creation log - informative + important Yes check.svg
    Incubator:Site creation log/l
    Incubator:Site creation log/maps - Yes check.svg
    Incubator:Site creation log/upc
  38. Incubator:Site statistics - stats Yes check.svg
  39. Incubator:Software information and news - stupid title, but a good reference page... needs to be maintained, of course Yes check.svg
  40. Incubator:Spread the word - SHOULD BE IMPROVED
  41. Incubator:Statistics - Yes check.svg
  42. Incubator:Test-administrators - Timeline etc. of test-sysops Yes check.svg
  43. Incubator:Test statistics - stats Yes check.svg
  44. - ABOUT/let ppl know what is, to which we often refer Yes check.svg
  45. Incubator:Translation project - translations Yes check.svg
    Incubator:Translation project/lang
  46. Incubator:Upload - no uploads here Yes check.svg
  47. Incubator:User preference statistics - stats Yes check.svg
  48. Incubator:Wikimedia projects - ABOUT/important overview Yes check.svg
  49. Incubator:Wikipedia Signpost - well... Yes check.svg
  50. Incubator:Wikis - list of all tests Yes check.svg

All Help namespace pages excluding translations, redirects[edit source]

  1. Help:Contents - comprehensive overview, expand it? Yes check.svg
  2. Help:Editing - links to and meta only, well Yes check.svg
  3. Help:FAQ - tons of info Yes check.svg
  4. Help:Manual - Explanation on how to start a new (test) wiki Yes check.svg
  5. Help:The eco-system around Incubator - ABOUT/should become a good overview for beginners. cf. the other "ABOUT" pages Yes check.svg
  6. Help:Tips for working with prefixes - mostly unneeded nowadays (is now a redirect to the faq)
  7. Help:Writing system support - about Narayam etc. Yes check.svg