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Babel is an infobox that indicates how well you are able to speak which language. On your user page you can add the following:


This would indicate that you can speak French (fr) natively and English (en) on an intermediate level (level 2).

These are the existing levels:

  • xyz = native
  • xyz-5 = professional
  • xyz-4 = near-native
  • xyz-3 = advanced
  • xyz-2 = intermediate
  • xyz-1 = basic


You can translate the respective messages on Select the language you want to translate to. If you don't have an account there yet, go to translatewiki:Special:FirstSteps. If you have an account but your language is not on the list, ask to add it on translatewiki:Support.

Translations here not in TWN[edit]

In the most random order ever:

Also, it would be nice to be able to indicate scripts, see e.g. User:Purodha

Other issue: both 'tt' & 'tt-cyrl' are in cyrillic = duplicated translations

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