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This page is a list of languages codes as they are used on Wikimedia sites, especially for which there are existing issues or problems.

Language codes on Wikimedia should follow the ISO 639 standard as closely as possible, but historically exceptions have been made, and sometimes an exception is still made:

  • A language written in more than one script:
    • should have one wiki with a conversion script
    • if that is not possible, name wikis with "xx[x]-xxxx" (ISO 639 language code + ISO 15924 script code), no current examples (pa - pnb?)
  • A language written in more than one orthography or standard should either:
    • find a way to co-exist on one wiki
    • name wikis with "xx[x]-x[...]" (ISO 639 language code + IETF tag), e.g. "be-tarask" or "qu-kichwa"
    • old form: "nds"/"nds-nl".
  • For the rest, only one exception should be possible: "simple".


code links code validity
(as given here)
intended language script issue(s)
als SILEthn. special Alemannic German Latn should be moved to "gsw" (bug 23215)
arc SILEthn. history Aramaic to "syc" (bug 26725)
bat-smg SILEthn. special Samogitian Latn should be moved to "sgs" (bug 25522)
be SILEthn. valid Belarusian Cyrl
be-x-old SILEthn. invalid Belarusian (Taraškievica Cyrl should be "be-tarask" (bug 9823)
bh SILEthn. collective Bhojpuri Deva should be moved to "bho"; "bh" is collective (info)
de SILEthn. existing German Latn
en SILEthn. existing Standard English
(see also Wikipedia:Manual of Style)
eml SILEthn. retired Emiliano-Romagnolo Latn should be split into "egl" (Emilian) and "rgn" (Romagnol)
fr SILEthn. existing French Latn
it SILEthn. existing Italian Latn
nl SILEthn. existing Dutch language
(see also Dutch Language Union)
nrm SILEthn. special Norman language Latn refers to the wrong language (bug 23216), should be renamed to "roa-x-nrm", "xno" (Anglo-Norman) or something (or closed)
pnb SILEthn. valid Western Punjabi Arab Or Punjabi in Arabic-based script in Majhi dialect? LangCom will investigate
qu SILEthn. macro Quechua languages, especially Southern Quechua Latn — (Which varieties included?)
qug (wp) SILEthn. valid Kichwa language (Unified Orthography) Latn will probably be named "qu-kichwa" after receiving IETF tag (see here)
zh-classical SILEthn. special Classical/Literary Chinese Hant should be moved to "lzh" (bug 28443)
zh-yue SILEthn. special Yue Chinese / Cantonese Hant should be moved to "yue" (bug 28441)
Other pseudo-codes or other issues
ten SILEthn. history Used for tenth anniversary of Wikipedia; code reserved for extinct Tama language of Colombia
www SILEthn. special Code for Wawa language; conflicts with portal

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