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This page is a working place for Incubator admins and bureaucrats. It provides useful information, and describes what to do for some general maintenance tasks, to make our work easier for ourselves. Purge this page to show the current statistics in this page.

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See also Incubator:Future planning and Incubator:News.

Maintenance[edit source]

For admins[edit source]

Deletion[edit source]

Other[edit source]

Following tools are not being maintained. If you are able and interested, please contact @StevenJ81.

For bureaucrats[edit source]

New test-admin[edit source]

What to do to give a user test-admin rights? - for bureaucrats

Expiration of test-admin rights[edit source]

If a test-admin does not request and receive a renewal of test-admin rights, the rights will automatically be removed after one year (if you've done Step 1 correctly above). You still need to remove the user manually from MediaWiki:Administrated test wikis.json. To prolong test-admin rights, use Special:Userrights in the same way as above, and update the JSON page.

For translation administrators[edit source]

New wiki created[edit source]

See I:Exporting.

Once creation of the new wiki is finished[edit source]

  • Deflag test-wiki administrators. It is courteous, though not strictly necessary, to notify them, and even give them a 1–2 week window to check that everything was done correctly. Once they are warned, their rights expiration date can be changed to reflect the date in the notification. Alternatively, simply wait until the date in the notification arrives and manually remove the rights. Finally, once the rights have been withdrawn, don't forget to remove the test from MediaWiki:Administrated test wikis.json.
    Note also that some test administrators will continue to have test-admin status on other tests. In that case, their rights should be left alone, though that particular entry in the .json file is still deleted.
  • Deleting the test. There is usually no hurry to delete the Incubator copy of a test that has been exported.
    • There is good reason to wait at least one month, and maybe as much as 3–6 months, to make sure that there was nothing left behind during the export process. Things can always be retrieved later, but this makes it easier for people to look for things they think might be missing.
    • Additionally, it is usually worthwhile to keep at least one recently exported test-wiki until a newer test-wiki has been exported. The reason for that is that we are asked (occasionally) how certain pages are handled before and after the export–especially in the Project: and Help: namespaces. So to have both Wp/qdp/Help:Contents and qdp:Help:Contents available to compare is worthwhile.
    • When you are ready to delete the test-wiki, simply delete all pages - except the info page. The gadget Special:MassDelete will save you a lot of work. There is no need to archive anything.

To be deleted per I:RFD[edit source]

What to do when a test has to be deleted per I:Requests for deletions?

  • Step 1: Export all pages through Special:Export (provided the test is not vandalism or nonsense)
  • Step 2: Save the XML file somewhere (on your PC)
  • Step 3: Upload the XML file to Incubator using Special:Upload [Requires bureaucrat rights, which are available to anyone who has been an administrator at least one month]
  • Step 4: Delete the test (using Special:MassDelete, available through the gadget MassDelete – manually, it's a lot of work!)

Wiki closed/locked[edit source]

What to do when a wiki has been closed/locked per m:Proposals for closing projects? - mostly for these users

Deployments[edit source]

See Incubator:Software information and news for usage help; see mw:Extension:WikimediaIncubator for documentation.

Timeline[edit source]

(Expand to see history)

  • Upcoming/planned features:
    • redirects of -> Incubator for all ISO 639 language codes
    1. (S2) info page parser function & better logo handling so all our info pages are in a good state -> in development & under review
    2. (S2) language names project: all +/- 7000 language names in core and make use if it for info pages & searchwiki -> in development & under review
    • (S2/3) Special:IncubatorFirstSteps -> in development & under review
    • (S2/3) maybe better request system -> undetermined future, if ever
    • (S4) Improving Special:Export
      • Exporting pages with a prefix: gerrit:108487
      • Potential feature: Automatically remove prefixes, perhaps script it?

Blacklists[edit source]

spam blacklist blacklist (whitelist)
username blacklist (user registration) blacklist
title blacklist (page creation) blacklist (whitelist)

Incubator-specific[edit source]

This documentation is incomplete.

Extension[edit source]

Local hacks[edit source]

Welcoming users[edit source]

The NewUserMessage extension is enabled, so users are automatically "welcomed". Configuration:

Message Value
MediaWiki:Newuseredit-summary Welcome to Wikimedia Incubator!
MediaWiki:Newusermessage-editor User:Welcoming Bot
MediaWiki:Newusermessage-substitute‎ Yes
MediaWiki:Newusermessage-template Template:Welcome-template
See also

Also relevant: MediaWiki:Welcomecreation-msg and MediaWiki:Welcomeuser (previously: MediaWiki:Welcomecreation)

Babel[edit source]

The Babel extension is enabled, see Incubator:Babel for more information.

Message Value
MediaWiki:Babel-template Template:Userbox/$1
MediaWiki:Babel-portal Wp/$1
MediaWiki:Babel-autocreate-user User:Babel AutoCreate
MediaWiki:Babel-autocreate-text-levels Users in this category indicate they have skill level $1 for language $2 ($3).
MediaWiki:Babel-autocreate-text-main Users in this category indicate they have knowledge of language $1 ($2).
MediaWiki:Babel Babel user information
MediaWiki:babel-url Project:Babel
MediaWiki:Babel-footer Users by language
Category:Users:By language

AbuseFilter[edit source]


Feedback[edit source]

The MoodBar extension is enabled, so users can give feedback which will appear on Special:FeedbackDashboard. We used to have I:Feedback, which was not very successful.
mw:Extension:MoodBar was disabled in January 2017. All feedback at this point can go to I:CP.

User encouragement[edit source]

The WikiLove extension is enabled, so users can easily give awards and other nice stuff to other users. Options can be customised through MediaWiki:WikiLove.js.

Missing wikis[edit source]

The script is located in

See also[edit source]