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Category:Incubator:Test wikis/status/tocreate

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This category should not be deleted, even if empty.

This category usually has about 50~100 entries and we firstly try to assume that those existing tocreate pages are not spam. For the most part, pages listed here represent places where there was previously either
  • a miscoded test using the language code, or
  • a previously closed wiki that had no contents to import here, or
  • a prematurely marked-eligible project (i.e. the associated Meta-Wiki request had marked eligible by one of langcom members even they know that the test project hadn't started yet), that hasn't contents created

In rare cases, the deleted test projects could also be reset to "tocreate", if and only if there are potential enough speakers who'd love to start contributing here.

In all cases above, using {{test wiki}} with |status=tocreate serves as an appropriate invitation to someone to create a properly coded new test in the same location, while at the same time describing the previous activity.

Please check any new pages listed here to make sure they are not vandalism. If any test listed here contains content pages, please edit the root page (information page) of the test to say |status=open.