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# That's a title blacklist
# Every title that matches regex here are forbidden to create and edit
# Use "#" for comments
# Disallow creating of pages in (main), Template, Module and Category namespaces (and their talks) with title in incorrect form.
# Lazy "langcode" checking for the beginning, however disallowing any suffixes but existing on Special:SiteMatrix.
# Whitelist (applies to appropriate talk namespaces as well):
#  Template:Welcome and its translations
#  Pseudo-namespaces in the category namespace: Category:Users:, Category:Incubator:, Category:Help:, Category:Maintenance:, Category:Templates:
# SHOULD BE REWRITTEN TO 1) Block langcodes with hyphens (all xy(z)-blabla except some valid ones) and 2) separate rule to block editing File namespace
(?!(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template|Module)(?: talk)?):)?W[bnpqty]\/(?:[a-z]{2,3}|bat-smg|be-x-old|cbk-zam|fiu-vro|map-bms|nds-nl|roa-(?:rup|tara)|zh-(?:classical|min-nan|yue))(?:\/.+)?$|(?:(?:Help|Incubator|MediaWiki|Translations|User)(?: talk)?):.+|Template(?: talk)?:Welcome\/[a-z]{2,3}$|Category(?: talk)?:(Users|Incubator|Help|Maintenance|Templates):.+$).* <casesensitive|errmsg=Titleblacklist-incorrect-title>
# Invalid ISO 639 codes or rejected projects:

(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?Wp\/pec.* <noedit> # "pec" is an invalid I:ISO 639 language code. The correct code for Pecheneg is "xpc". So please replace "pec" by "xpc" in the page title.
(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?W(?:p\/(?:bp|bzc|cc|dl|dv-mahl|dzu|fed|grk|gsc|hnl|plm|pt-riv|roa-abr|scm)|t\/x-Kadazandusun)\/.* <noedit> # This project has been deleted because of not having valid I:ISO 639 language code. You can ask on I:AN for exported and archived XML dump of it though.
(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?Wp\/mol?\/.* <noedit> # This test project has been deleted as it was meant to be written in Moldovan, which however is only another name for the Romanian language. Please contribute to the Romanian Wikipedia at
(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?Wp\/amz.* <noedit> # "amz" is a language code belonging to Atampaya, an extinct language of Australia, and not for Tamazight. See Wp/ber (or Wp/shi, Wp/tzm, Wp/rif).
(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?Wq\/arc.* <noedit> # Please contribute to Wq/syc. For any questions, ask on the I:Community Portal.
(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?Wp\/kas.* <noedit> # Please contribute to Kashmiri Wikipedia at
(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?Wp\/swg.* <noedit> # Please contribute to Swabian content on
(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?Wp\/wae.* <noedit> # Please contribute to Walser content on
# Montenegrin
#(?:(?:Talk|(?:Category|Template)(?: talk)?):)?Wp\/cnr.* <noedit>
# Maintenance categories and their talkpages for keeping pages using unprefixed templates.
# Just lazy "langcode" checking.
Category(?: talk)?:(?:W[bnpqstvy]\/[a-z]{2,3}(-[^\/]+)?\/|Maintenance:)(?:Page|Article|Talk|Categorie|Category talk|Template(?: talk)?)s using unprefixed template.* <errmsg=Titleblacklist-using-unprefixed-template-categories>
.User:Өөрд Хальмг *
.User talk:Өөрд Хальмг *