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Wikimedia Incubator strategy planning -


  • SPQRobin
  • Millosh
  • Romaine
  • Danny B.
  • Ebe123

TO ALL: Can we perhaps schedule a next little irc meeting, then we should (beforehand preferably) prepare some documents on our goals (e.g. multiple incubators)? What about now Thursday 15 September (19h UTC)? #wikimedia-incubator!

  • Fine to me, me pinging as well -- Romaine
  • may be, just ping me on irc to remind me ;-) -- DannyB
  • fine with me, too -- Milos


  • Multiple Incubators? ( (Danny B.'s proposal/project)
  • TODO: make comparison of pros and cons
  • Redirects to incubator & working redirects in both ways (bug 30206)
  • Give one or more of us shell access to create wikis
  • Or create tool for creating wikis? Wikia has that.
    • Robin, may you check that Wikia extension? Angela was creating new wikis ~5 years ago via web interface.
    • Will see what is best/easiest
  • Coordination between Incubator admins & LangCom & MediaWiki developers
  • Propose changes to LangCom policy?
  • e.g. allow projects in historical languages? (-> see Wp/grc, Wp/ota)
  • There are no simple projects on Incubator and we want to keep it that way. They should start on their "mother" wiki.
  • Tools, tools, tools
  • WikimediaIncubator extension (etherpad <>)
  • Toolserver tools
  • On-site gadgets
  • Documentation
  • How to deal with large projects to be closed when they get inactive? (like Wn/nl)
  • archiving XML dump on Incubator (bug ...)
  • Thanks to the new policy, I don't think this will be the case anymore
  • I have a long list of things we should do, will make a nice list of that and put it online

Meeting (keep chronological!)

  • IRC
  • Real-life meeting earlier than hackathon?
    • WMF funding?
  • Hackathon March-May (?) 2012
  • Some presentation/lightning talk at Hackathon (March-May 2012) and/or Chapters meeting (March/April 2012)
  • Presentation at Wikimania 2012: old Incubator compared to new Incubator, and how people should start wikis
  • Indonesia Conference October 2012


  • 2011
    • September
      • 13: Initial IRC/etherpad meeting
      • 27: IRC/skype/etherpad meeting
    • October
      • Little meeting Aachen
    • November
    • December
  • 2012
    • January
    • February
    • March
      • Chapters meeting
    • April
    • May
      • Hackathon 2012 (GOAL: final work on strategy)
    • June
    • July
      • Wikimania 2012 (GOAL: present our "strategy" to public)
    • August
    • September
    • October
      • Conference in Indonesia (GOAL: create new wikis -- that's also why we need our strategy; "create new wikis" could mean "create them on Incubator, with redirects")
    • November
    • December