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From Wikimedia Incubator
<economist> can we make Incubator bash?
<Timichal> yes
<dbmag9> what?
<economist> to recorde all the clevar things we say here
<Timichal> I agree
dbmag9 doesn't know what you're talking about :( .
<economist> this convo will be the first to be recorded
<Timichal> economist: you know
<Timichal> the quote isn't funny at all :P
<economist> It says "IRC quotes"
<economist> not "funny IRC quotes"
<Timichal> actually, Angela was here the day I created this channel. she said 'good luck' and left
me here alone for a month
<dbmag9> "We assume that only through real names can we be responsible for our actions, but in fact
the real world doesn't use names all the time (most of the time we are numbers) and with a secure
username we can be just as answerable to our actions, and we don't have to link our online selves to
our real selves, which sometimes may be immpossible or unwanted." Dbmag9, August 2006
<Timichal> "Dbmag9 can not spell 'impossible'." Timichal, August 2006
<dbmag9> "True." Dbmag9, August 2006
<Yaroslav2615> Soon the ukro-nogorodian flashmob will begin
<economist> that's the good flash mob, right?
<Yaroslav2615> All communites are full of curses to the moscovites already
<economist> I heard that! Here in America, nobody ever says anything good about Muscovites.
<Timichal> it IS a confusing user name
<Timichal> do we all knows what this means?
<dbmag9> change it, change it!
<Timichal> Yes.
<dbmag9> ask them first, don't just rename them to