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This page lists test sysops, their projects, and when their rights will expire (one year after granting the rights, or when the wiki is created).

  • If you want to request test-adminship, go to Incubator:Administrators.
  • Number of test-administrators: 23
  • An automated list of test-administrators can be found here.
User Expires when Project(s)
Filipinayzd 2015-07-20 Wp/bto, Wt/bcl
Amir a57 2015-08-03 Wp/azb
Ibrahim khashrowdi 2015-08-23 Wp/bcc
Ceas08 2015-08-28 Wp/lzz
राम प्रसाद जोशी 2015-09-24 Wp/dty
1AnuraagPandey 2015-10-04 Wp/awa
omda4wady 2015-10-18 Wy/ar
Koroğlu 2015-11-29 Wy/azb, Wp/azb
SMAUG 2015-11-29 Wy/fi
فلورانس 2015-12-15 Wy/ar
Cedric tsan cantonais 2015-12-15 Wt/yue
Emara 2016-01-15 Wy/ar
عثمان خان شاہ 2016-01-29 Wy/ur
Rachitrali 2016-02-13 Wp/khw
Kanjy 2016-02-20 Wy/ja
Charidri 2016-02-27 Wy/ja
Girmitya 2016-03-03 Wt/hif
Oldstoneage 2016-03-14 Wp/arq
Universal Life 2016-03-17 Wt/lad
Kamazina 2016-03-17 Wp/kbp
Bachounda 2016-04-12 Wp/arq
Mogoeilor 2016-06-05 Wp/lki, Wp/bqi
Bonevarluri 2016-06-08 Wp/bqi

User:Mogoeilor User:Girmitya User:Bonevarluri User:Bachounda User:Kamazina User:Universal Life User:Charidri User:Kanjy User:عثمان خان شاہ User:Emara User:فلورانس User:SMAUG User:Koroğlu User:omda4wady User:1AnuraagPandey User:राम प्रसाद जोशी User:Ceas08 User:Ibrahim khashrowdi User:Amir a57 User:Cedric tsan cantonais User:Filipinayzd
The black line indicates the current date.