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This page lists test sysops, their projects, and when their rights will expire (one year after granting the rights, or when the wiki is created).

  • If you want to request test-adminship, go to Incubator:Administrators.
  • Number of test-administrators: 34. (This excludes administrators who also act as test-administrators. Those are shown below with expiration date of "never".)
  • An automated list of test-administrators can be found here.

Edit this list: MediaWiki:Administrated test wikis.json

User Expiration Project(s)
昏君 2017-08-29 Wq/yue, Wt/yue
Meno25 2017-09-18 Wy/ar
Ali Saki 2017-10-11 Wp/luz
Assiyala 2017-12-10 Wp/inh
omda4wady 2017-12-12 Wy/ar
Cedric tsan cantonais 2017-12-26 Wt/yue
Ләйсән 2017-12-30 Wb/ba
SM7 2018-01-03 Wy/hi
Араси 2018-01-03 Wq/mnc, Wb/mnc, Wp/mnc, Wt/mnc
Aarghdvaark 2018-01-09 Wp/nys
Mashoi7 2018-01-16 Wp/krl
Katxis 2018-01-30 Wt/jam, Wb/jam, Wp/lfn
Илья Драконов 2018-02-14 Wp/orv, Wy/eo, Wp/inh
Nirajan pant 2018-02-16 Wt/dty
Ninjastrikers 2018-02-27 Wp/shn
Ilja.mos 2018-03-01 Wp/krl
Rachitrali 2018-03-09 Wp/khw
Gts-tg 2018-03-12 Wp/grc
Girmitya 2018-03-23 Wt/hif
1AnuraagPandey 2018-03-26 Wp/awa
Vvs-dm 2018-03-29 Wt/cu
Icemandeaf 2018-04-03 Wp/ase
Adam-Yourist 2018-04-24 Wp/inh
Comp1089 2018-04-24 Wy/ba, Wq/ba, Wb/ba, Wt/ba
Csisc 2018-05-13 Wp/aeb, Wt/arq, Wp/arq, Wt/aeb
Universal Life 2018-05-17 Wb/lad, Wt/lad
Saroj Uprety 2018-05-18 Wp/awa, Wq/ne
Bachounda 2018-05-29 Wt/arq, Wp/arq
Franz710 2018-07-05 Wt/pam
Marwan Mohamad 2018-07-05 Wp/gor
-revi 2018-07-17 Wy/ko
Mogoeilor 2018-07-17 Wp/lki, Wp/bqi
Asdfugil 2018-07-24 Wt/yue
Benoit Rochon 2018-07-24 Wp/moe
ⲁϩⲙⲉⲧ 2018-08-19 Wp/cop
StevenJ81 never Wb/lad, Wt/lad, Wb/yi, Wp/qdp