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Musicians[edit | edit source]

Writers, playwrights and poets[edit | edit source]

Partly compiled from a list of authors at: Noongar Language Centre

Artists working in painting and related 2D Visual Arts[edit | edit source]

Artists working with sculptures and installations and related 3D Visual Arts[edit | edit source]

Directors and Designers (film and theatre)[edit | edit source]

Actors, dancers and performers[edit | edit source]

Music Groups[edit | edit source]

Madjitil Moorna Choir[edit | edit source]

Established by Jo Randall wer Della Rae Morrison il 2006. A Wadjela wer Noongar choir singing indigenous songs.

Dance groups[edit | edit source]

Wardong Dancers[edit | edit source]

A group of young dancers from Binjarep Boodjar from Dudley Park Primary School. They are made of year 2 to year 6 students. They are named for Wardong.

The Wadumbah Dance Group[edit | edit source]

Established by James T Webb in 1995, the Wadumbah Dance Group brings Noongar Dreaming stories to life.

Middar[edit | edit source]

Art Groups[edit | edit source]

Djidji Djidji Arts Group[edit | edit source]

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]