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Revel Ronald Cooper (1934–1983) artist, was born of Nyungar descent, probably in 1934, at Katanning.

He has his own page on the English language Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Revel Cooper.

As a young boy Revel was declared a ward of the state and placed in the Carrolup Native Settlement (from 1948 Marribank farm school). Amid conditions of poverty and degradation, in 1945 the school headmaster, Noel White, and his wife, Lily, established educational programs in art and music. Art produced by Carrolup children, including Revel, was widely exhibited: at Boans Ltd department store, Perth (1947); at Mysore, India (1949); and, through the auspices of a visiting Englishwoman, Florence Rutter, in New Zealand, UK and the Netherlands (1950). Revel’s work appeared in Child Artists of the Australian Bush (1952), written by (Dame) Mary Durack Miller in association with Rutter.[1]

His struggle with alcoholism and his itinerancy contributed to both the achievements and the tragedy of his life. About April 1983 he died from the effects of head injuries received when he was attacked with a heavy instrument. His body was found on 28 December 1985 at Buxton, after Matthew DeCarteret confessed to the murder. He was buried on 30 January 1987 in the Catholic section of the Fawkner cemetery in Melbourne. Cooper is regarded as a leading figure of a distinctive Nyungar landscape tradition that is the heritage of Carrolup.[1]

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