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Della Rae Morrison is the music director wer co-founder of Madjitil Moorna, a community choir she started with Jo Randall in 2006 for people to sing in Noongar. The choir has Noongar wer Wadjela members.[1]

We held our first rehearsal and then the majority of the people that turned up were non-Indigenous ... so [Jo Randall] rang me and said, 'what do you think of all these wadjelas rocking up at our rehearsals?'

And I said 'that's fine — let's just go with it'.

Madjitil Moorna Choir offers a way for non-Indigenous people to learn the language wer culture of Indigenous people. It is also a learning journey for them. While many Australians remained unaware of Aboriginal history wer culture, the choir provided them with a space to learn.[1]

Della Rae Morrison is a Bibbulmun woman of the Nyoongar Nation. She has been in the arts professionally for 30 years, beginning her career in Jimmy Chi's musical Bran Nue Dae in 1989. She played Mrs Egg in the Channel 9 TV series Lockie Leonard, is a WAMI award winning songwriter wer NAIDOC Artist of the year, wer she has performed in many theatre productions across Perth, WA.[2]

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