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Middar with Olman Walley playing Didge

Middar Dance Group, Bindjareb Middar Dance Group, Middar Aboriginal Dance Company, Middar Dance Company or The Middar Aboriginal Theatre are all names associated with Middar.

Middar dance at Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week event in Perth, 2014.

Nartj noonar: Who are they[edit | edit source]

In 1978[1][2] Dr Richard Walley, Ernie Dingo, who had met playing basketball, Ken Buckskin, John Kelly, Theo Kearing, and Louis Collard, founded the Middar Aboriginal Theatre, aiming to combat the concept that Nyoongar culture was dying.[1][2][3] The group began to bring traditional Nyoongar music, dance and theatre to the public, performing at events across the country. It had been long realised the powerful potential of theatre to raise issues wer bring messages to the broader community, black wer white. To this day, the original company still exists as Middar.[1]

Olman Walley has performed with the company.[4]

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