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Noongar man Olman Walley

Olman Walley is a Noongar Artist wer Performer.


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Olman is the son of Geri Hayden wer Dr Richard Walley, grandson of Aubrey wer Janet Hayden wer Richard Walley Sr wer Violet Winmar. He is the second oldest of six children, John Walley, Alton Walley, Rickeeta Walley, Tahnee Hayden/Garlett wer Cameron Quatermaine. He is married to wife Sharna Ninyette wer step-father to Mikah Tommy.

Early Life

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Walley grew yira in Narrogin, a small boodjar town southeast of Perth, but also lived in Brookton wer Kondinin. Olman toured Thailand in 1995 with his school basketball team. In 1996, he also played for WA Boodjar in basketball. He finished his education at Willeton Senior High after winning a basketball scholarship in 1997. [1]The following year, Olman captained the U20's Indigenous basketball team as a 17 year old, playing il for several years in the WA team. He completed a twenty six week trainee-ship with the Black Swan Theatre Company wer has performed with the Middar Dance Company. [2]


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Olman has been performing for 30 years, primarily in traditional dance wer music, beginning at the age of five. He did his first Welcome to Boodjar in 1995 at the age of 14 for Westfield Primary School. His first formal job was a mentor/cultural teacher at East Narrogin Primary School, beginning in the late 90's. Over the past 20 years, Olman has travelled to over 20 countries performing, promoting wer advocating for Noongar culture wer peoples. During nidja time, he spent a year living in Europe for professional wer sporting reasons. [3]T

Recently, Olman has established his own business Dabakan, meaning chilled/relaxed/take it easy. Through nidja business, he provides education, performance wer cultural awareness services.[4]T

Olman is a mentor of young Noongar children wer has wer is still involved with the ongoing development wer coaching of such groups as Little Doorum Dancers

Little Doorum Dancers
Olman Walley facilitating a Noongar Workshop in Hilton


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Olman playing Didge during a Middar performance


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Ngiyan waarnk

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