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This page is a translated version of the page Incubator:Upload and the translation is 50% complete.
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如果您係註冊用戶,就可以喺某啲維基上面通過Special:Upload上載檔案。 但係呢個功能喺菢膥機上面大多畀人禁用。您必須直接喺Wikimedia Commons度上載檔案。



  1. 首先要喺共享資源到註冊或者登錄(你可能已經自動註冊或登錄咗)。
  2. 為咗方便,唔該喺您嘅偏好設置入面揀好你嘅界面語言。
  3. Commons:上載跟住說明去做。有經驗嘅用戶可以用呢個架生
  4. 您可以喺呢度用相同嘅名同平時一樣運用Commons入面嘅所有文件。

Why is it disabled here?

Because of bug T13168! ;-)

There are several advantages to using Commons instead of local uploads:

  • You can use your image on every wiki of the Wikimedia Foundation.
    • It avoids having to re-upload missing files after importing all test wiki pages to the new site.
  • Commons is specifically for files. Consequently it has a better policy, etc. Incubator doesn't have any control on uploaded images.