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If you are a registered user, on some wikis you can upload a file through Special:Upload. But that functionality is mostly disabled on Incubator. You have to upload files directly on Wikimedia Commons.

Uploading is permitted only for bureaucrats, who use it only for certain administrative functions, like archiving deleted tests.

چون آپلوڈ کنن بی کومونسی تا؟

انون آیی را گام بی گام په شما تشریئ کنن:

  1. اول باید ئمومین بهشی تا بره ون سبت نام یا لوگین بین (ممکن اینت که شما دیتیری سبت نام کورته به یت بنابراین بتور خودکار واردا بییت)
  2. Specify your interface language in your preferences for convenience.
  3. Go to Commons:Upload and follow the instructions or use the Upload Wizard. Experienced users can also use this tool.
  4. You can use all files from Commons here in the normal way under the same name.

پچی ای بهش(ئنکوباتوری) کارا نه کنت؟

په امنیتی ین دلیلان هاتیرا و امنیت بی ئنکوباتوری تا ای بهش کارا نه کنت.

There are several advantages to using Commons instead of local uploads:

  • 1.شما توانیت وتی اکس هان بی موچین ویکی یانی تا شه ویکی میڈیا جوڑ کنیت.
    • It avoids having to re-upload missing files after importing all test wiki pages to the new site.
  • Commons is specifically for files. Consequently it has a better policy, etc. Incubator doesn't have any control on uploaded images.