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If you are a registered user, you can normally upload a file through Special:Upload, but it's disabled on Incubator. You have to upload it on Wikimedia Commons.

How to upload on Commons?

Hi nice to meet inn

  1. First register on Commons or log in (you might have been registered automatically via unified login already).
  2. Specify your interface language in your preferences for convenience.
  3. Hi. Nice. To meet inn

to Commons:Upload and follow the instructions. Experienced users can also use this tool.
  1. आप कॉमन के हर फ़ाइल को समान नाम से यहाँ उपयोग कर सकते हो।

यह यहाँ निष्क्रिय क्यों है?

Because of bug 11168! ;-)

There are several advantages:

  • आप आपके चित्र को विकिमीडिया संस्थान के किसी भी विकि पर उपयोग कर सकते हो।
    • यह नए परियोजना में सभी विकि पृष्ठ को आयात करने में छूटे फ़ाइल को दुबारा डालने से बचाता है।
  • Commons is specifically for files. Consequently it has a better policy, etc. Incubator doesn't have any control on uploaded images.