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Gif ye'r ae registerit uiser, than ye can normallie uplaid ae file throoch Byordinair:Uplaid, bit it's disabled oan the Incubater. Ye hae tae uplaid it oan Wikimedia Commons.

Ho tae uplaid oan Commons?

It's explained here step bi step:

  1. First register oan Commons or log in (ye micht hae been registert autæmateeclie bi waa o unified login awreadie).
  2. Speceefie yer interface leid in yer preferances fer conveeneeance.
  3. Gang til Commons:Uplaid n follae the instructions. Expereeanced uisers can uise this tuil aes weel.
  4. Ye can uise aw files fae Commons here in the normal waa unner the same name.

Why is it disabled here?

Cause o bug 11168! ;-)

Thaur's several advantages:

  • Ye can uise yer eemage oan ilka wiki o the Wikimedia Foundation.
    • It avoids haeing tae re-uplaid missin files efter importing aw test wiki pages til the new steid.
  • Commons is speceefeecie fer files. Consequantlie it haes ae better policie, etc. Incubater disna hae onie control oan uplaidit eemages.