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Kuluçka'da dilinizin tam anlamıyla desteklenmesi önemlidir. Ne yazık ki, Kuluçka'da yeterli seviyede dil desteği sağlamak (diğer çok dilli Wikimedia projeleri gibi) hiç bir zaman kolay olmadı.

Evrensel Dil Seçici

Most language support is provided seamlessly by the MediaWiki extension Universal Language Selector.

  • First, find the Universal Language Selector control. You can find it near your user name, or near the phrase Not logged in, at the top of your screen or in the side menu bar, depending on what skin you are using. It includes an icon combining a Chinese ideograph and the letter "A", as well as the name of your current interface language.
  • To activate your language, search for and select your language. (You can search by name or by ISO 639 code.)

If you are logged in, you can also go to Special:Preferences to select your language.

Diliniz desteklendiği sürece yapmanız gereken tek şey bu.

=== Dilim neden Evrensel Dil Seçicisinde bulunmuyor?

Languages do not become available on Wikimedia projects until at least 13% of the MediaWiki core messages are translated at translatewiki.net. (Note: the MediaWiki (most important messages) group is a subset of MediaWiki core messages.)

  • LangCom does not approve a first project in a new language until the most important messages, along with enough additional core messages to reach 13%, have been translated. So this is something your test community should be doing anyway.

Daha fazla bilgi için translatewiki.net sayfasını ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

What happened to "Narayam" and "WebFonts"?

Previously, two important language support tools were found in the MediaWiki extensions Narayam and WebFonts. Those extensions have been deprecated in favor of the Universal Language Selector extension.

Diğer dil destek araçları

Aside from the Universal Language Selector, there are some other language-support tools and resources available:

Yazım: Düzenleme araçları

The default editor includes a section with "special characters" (in the bar above the edit form). You can click on a character to enter it in the edit form.
There are also additional characters below the edit form. You can request to add characters to this section. (Go to the Community Portal to ask.)

Multiple-script languages

If your language is written in multiple scripts (alphabets or writing systems), it may be possible to have one wiki with software that automatically converts content from one script to another. Two existing projects where you can see this in action are:

It is also possible to have one wiki where different scripts are entered manually. See Judeo-Spanish Wikipedia, available to some extent in both Latin script and Hebrew script, as an example.

Hala yardıma mı ihtiyacınız var?

Kuluçka:Topluluk Portalı veya translatewiki:Support sayfasını ziyaret edin.

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