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This page is outdated and probably requires an update.
Most of the tools described here have been superseded by mw:Extension:UniversalLanguageSelector.

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It is important that your language is properly supported.

If there are any technical problems, do not hesitate to contact us via the Community Portal or on translatewiki.

Input methods (typing)[edit]

This section is under construction.

Edit tools[edit]

The default editor includes a section with "special characters" (in the bar above the edit form). You can click on a character to enter it in the edit form.
There are also additional characters below the edit form. You can request to add characters to this section. (Go to the Community Portal to ask.)



You can use the "Narayam" virtual keyboard tool to write in your language. The tool is triggered when you are using or have used an interface language for which there is a configuration (see mw:Extension:Narayam for the full list). Then you should see a menu next to your username at the top of the page. Check "Enable" (Ctrl-M) and the edit field will become blue.

This will allow anyone to type without having an appropriate keyboard available.

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"WebFonts" automatically embeds fonts for languages with non-Latin scripts, especially Indic scripts (as for languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Khmer, Marathi, Persian, Tamil, ...).

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Multiple scripts[edit]

If your language is written in multiple scripts (such as Serbian in Latin and Cyrillic), it may be possible to have one wiki and implement software which automatically converts

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