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Wanju Gnullar Noongarpedia mia! Gnullar wongi kadidjiny gnullar Noongar moort, boodjar, kaditj. Noongar wongi kwop yuwart wongi noongar. Noonar wongi wadjella kaya. Gnullar wongi kaditj Gnullar Waarnkiny - Our Language (online resources)' and 'Learn Noongar language.

Welcome to our Kitt-kittpedia site. Where anyone can contribute knowledge about Noongar people, place wer culture.

Please note, the use of Noongar language is encouraged but not essential as we recognise and acknowledge the different stages of people's ability to write and read Noongar. For Noongar language resources wer information please see these pages on this site:Gnullar Waarnkiny - Our Language (online resources)' and 'Learn Noongar language

Aliwah - Moort kaditj nitja Noongarpedia notij moort - aliwah -

==Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this site may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, film, audio recordings or printed material==

Kaya wanju

Kaya wandjoo ngala NoongarPedia - Welcome to our NoongarPedia

Ngala waangkiny kwop kwop birdiyah wirn, maaman, yoka, koorlangka - We speak in good spirit of our ancestors, spirits, men, women wer children.

Ngala waarngkiny noona yoowarl koorliny waangkiny nitja NoongarPedia - We hope you come wer contribute to our NoongarPedia.

title Featured Article: Space Science in WA#Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum

The Carnarvon tracking station was critical to the Apollo Moon project, including Apollo 11's historic first Moon landing flight from launch on 16 July 1969 to splash down on 24 July, 8 days later. Neil Armstrong's first step onto the Moon's surface was broadcast live on TV to a worldwide audience of 600 million people.

title Featured song: The Song of the Flood Waters

title Noongar bonar now: Kambarang

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title NoongarPedia Tube

Internet-news-reader.svg NoongarPedia Project News

NoongarPedia team members Len Collard wer Jen Buchanan from UWA are presenting at the Puliima National Indigenous Language Forum in Cairns today. Woolahǃ

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Kia ngulluck kaditj nitja Whadjuck Noongar boodjar nyuny nyinniny. Kia ngulluck kaditj quorp wirniny Whadjuck Noongar nyinniny nitja boodjar koora, yeye kitj boorda. Ngulluck wangkiny nitja.

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