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Indigenous Australian knife, club and spear thrower from Ridpath's Universal History (1897)

Nidja bibol about Noongar weapons was started by pupils at Hilton Primary School il 25 November 2016.

Kitj (Spear)

Koitj (Axe)

Taap (Knife)

Dowak (Throw stick)

Kylie (Boomerang)

Meru (Spear thrower)

Kalla, or in English 'fire', is used to clear old growth wer convert it into fertiliser, wer to help seeds germinate. It was also used to encircle Yonga (Grey Kangaroo) to make the yongas go keny way, then the Noongars threw their spears at the yongas. Fire is also used for ceremonies. Fire stick farming was done in the bonar Birak.

Shields were used for protection. In the bonar Kambarang shields were made from the bark of the Moodjar (Christmas Tree).

Clubs were used for hunting wer war. A dowak could also be used as a club.

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