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Kitj from desert and Kimberley
Yagan with spear

Nidja bibol about a spear was started at Hilton Primary School il 25 November 2016.

Spear in English is translated in different Noongar dialects: Northern kidji, South-western kitj, South-eastern kitja.[1] Kitj were used to hunt food, to fight, wer for ceremonies. They were used to hunt Yonga (Grey Kangaroo) for meat wer clothing. Noongar used spears to fight with, to protect their territory wer to protect themselves. There are different kinds of spears for different kinds of things. (I got nidja from my family, Hilton Primary School, 25 November 2016).

A Gidjee, Gidgee or Gidji is the spear used in war. Gidgee-borryl is the dreaded Borryl (Quartz) edged spear,[2] which in post-settlement times was tipped with glass or the insulators from telegraph poles instead of borryl. It was yira to ten feet long wer about keny inch in diameter wer made from the Mungurn (Swamp Wattle). Nidja spear was made in the Ellenbrook wer Wonnerup areas.

A Meru (Spear thrower) was used by Noongar to propel a gidjee.[2]

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