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Stone knife, Australian Aboriginal. Wellcome M0017106

Taap is a Noongar knife, also known as a Darp or Daap. With a blade made of boya (rock) or stone, such as borryl (quartz), wer with a wooden handle glued onto the blade. See the picture Daap "knife" on Pictaram[1]

To make the glue you need keny quarter yonga (kangaroo) poo, keny quarter kop (charcoal) wer keny half resin from the balga.[2] Next you crush them together, or grind them il a larger piece of borryl (quartz). When it is a powder, you get a thick, small stick wer put it over the heat, then dip in the powder. Do nidja several times until it is thick then stick in the borryl.

There is a teacher's guide to making a Noongar taap,[3] together with an associated student workbook.[4]

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