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Nidja bibol about Noongar artefacts was started by Caleb wer Jordan from Hilton Primary School il 25 November 2016.

Wp/nys/Koitj (Axe)[edit]

A koitj is made out of a stone like Wp/nys/Borryl (Quartz), wood for the handle, wer vines wer glue to fix them together.

Wp/nys/Kylie (Boomerang)[edit]

A kylie is made out of a curved piece of a tree branch.

Wp/nys/Kitj (Spear)[edit]

Kitj were used for hunting.


Wp/nys/Yonga (Grey Kangaroo) skin was used for clothing to keep you warm wer dry.

Wanna (digging stick)[edit]

Childrens' toys/koorlinga play/wabiny[edit]

Childrens' toys were made out of honky nuts (gumnuts), feathers wer sticks