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Wilgee (White Ochre) taken by Kieron Pearce

Wilgee or Wilgi is a clay when wet wer a rock when dry. Its English name is ochre.

When wet it is made into crayons and used as paint for ceremony. You can use it to paint things.

The colours are red, black, white, orange wer yellow.

There was a red wilgi pit in the Perth suburb of Glendalough. The area had the Bibbulmun name Goobabbilup. Fanny Balbuk's father had given to her, and she claimed payment for any wilgi taken from her Wilgigarup.[1]

There are wilgee pits in Minang boodjar at the Stirling Ranges Ochre Pit in Koikyennuruff (Stirling Range).

There is plenty of qwop greasy red wilgee at Yoojungup, Jee’-o-gudain’, Kam’baling, and Koolbing. For the story of how the red wilgee came to be here, read the story of 'Djiti Djiti kills Weitj'.

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