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Taken by Genevieve Dawkins
"Bibulmun yorga" statue with yandi at Neil Hawkins Park, Joondalup

Coolamon is an Eastern Australian Aboriginal word for a wooden, multi-purpose shallow vessel, or dish, with curved sides, ranging in length from 30–70 cm, wer similar in shape to a canoe; the name is now in common usage throughout Australia. A Noongar name is yandi.[1] Yandis were traditionally used by Noongar women to carry water, fruits, nuts, wer even to carry fire, as well as to cradle babies.

Places named after Yandi[edit | edit source]

Yandi mine is an iron ore mine in the Pilbara operated by BHP, formerly known as BHP Billiton. It should not be confused with Rio Tinto's nearby iron ore Yandicoogina mine, which is also sometimes shortened to Yandi. Both of these mines exploit the iron ore depositss of the Hamersley Range, which contains 80 percent of all identified iron ore reserves in Australia and is one of the world's major iron ore provinces.[2]

Places named after Coolamon[edit | edit source]

Coolamon Community Centre[edit | edit source]


Coolamon Oval[edit | edit source]


Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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