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Йаҡшымысыс DaveZ123! Can you help me? How to create a Babel (#babel:sty|ru|en-2; Template:Userbox/sty) for Siberian Tatar? What needs to be translate into Siberian Tatar?

Lingua ladina dolomitica[edit source]

Scusa se non ti ho risposto, ma io sto dando una mano all'incubator in lingua ladina dolomitica, ma non parlo ladino. Ho visto con piacere che User:Starladin ha già effettuato la traduzione.-Mizardellorsa (talk) 06:22, 11 March 2018 (UTC)

Can you help editing?[edit source]

I started the programs of Manchu Wikinews/Even Wikivoyage, Even Wiktionary/Even Wikibooks, Evenki Wiktionary/Evenki Wikibooks, Oroqen Wiktionary/Oroqen Wiktionary/Oroqen Wikibooks, Negidal Wiktionary/Negidal Wiktionary/Negidal Wikibooks, Udege Wiktionary/Udege Wikibooks, Oroch Wiktionary/Oroch Wiktionary/Oroch Wikibooks, Nanai Wiktionary/Nanai Wikibooks, Ulch Wiktionary/Ulch Wiktionary/Ulch Wikibooks, Orok Wiktionary/Orok Wikibooks on 14th July, 2020. If you know at least one of these Tungusic languages, can you help editing? (MiiCii, talk) 10:34, 24 July 2018 (UTC)