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ꯏꯟꯀꯨꯕꯦꯇꯔ:ꯇꯧꯒꯗꯕ/ꯋꯤꯀꯤ ꯆꯥꯡꯌꯦꯡ ꯑꯀꯨꯞꯄ ꯋꯥꯔꯣꯜ

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This page is a translated version of the page Incubator:Policy/Test wiki info page and the translation is 29% complete.
The following page is a translation of a Incubator policy into Manipuri language. Please note that in the event of any differences in meaning or interpretation between the original English version of this guideline and a translation, the original English version takes precedence.
This page has been elaborated and approved by the community and its compliance is mandatory for all users. You may edit it, but please discuss major changes on the talk page first.

Our policy says that the template {{test wiki}} must be used on "Wx/xx" pages.

ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯂꯃꯥꯏꯁꯤ ꯃꯗꯨꯒꯤ ꯇꯦꯝꯄꯂꯦꯠꯇꯨ ꯗꯣꯀꯨꯃꯦꯟꯇꯦꯁꯟ ꯇꯧꯕ ꯑꯃꯁꯨꯡ ꯂꯃꯈꯧꯁꯤꯡ


ꯆꯪꯒꯗꯕ ꯂꯝꯈꯩꯁꯤꯡ

  • status= ꯍꯥꯡꯗꯣꯛꯄ/ꯄꯨꯁꯤꯟꯂꯛꯈꯔꯦ/ꯌꯥꯈꯔꯕ/ꯀꯣꯗ ꯑꯍꯥꯡꯕ/ꯌꯥꯈꯤꯗꯔꯕ/ꯁꯥꯅꯕ
    Use status=approved1 for projects that have been approved but not yet created and exported
  • language= defines both [[wikipedia:{{{language}}} language]] (please check in preview if the link goes right!) and the Meta request (see meta below)
    • (optionally) WP-article for exceptions
    • (optionally) meta-link for exceptions (only subpage, i.e. Wikipedia English so not Requests for new languages/Wikipedia English)

ꯑꯄꯥꯝꯕ ꯈꯟꯅꯕ(ꯃꯔꯨꯑꯣꯏꯕ) ꯂꯝꯈꯩꯁꯤꯡ

  • meta=yes if it has a request at Meta. If it hasn't, don't use this parameter.
  • dir=RTL for a Right-To-Left language (default is LTR, so parameter is in many cases not needed).
  • macro=xxx when it is member of a macrolanguage (xxx being to ISO 639 code of the macrolanguage).

Other optional parameters

  • mainpage=Wp/en/Main Page if the second part "Main Page" has a Main Page title that has not yet been translated in the "mainpage" system message (translatable on translatewiki:) or if it has a custom name (i.e. not the same as the system message). You can see the current version on MediaWiki:Mainpage/languagecode.
  • meta-n=3 - if the meta request is not the first one (e. g. Requests for languages/Wikipedia English 3)
  • since=Date – date on which the test was created. Do not use if the test has already been approved.
  • If the test has been approved:
    • bug=13264 where the number is the phabricator request to create the wiki.
    • created=Date is the date on which it has been created.
    • before-incubator=yes for wikis which were not yet approved by the Language committee (it's possible that some were on Incubator though)
  • importdate for the status toimport: To announce a date for the import

ꯑꯇꯩ ꯀꯦꯁꯦꯁ

In some cases, it is not appropriate to use {{test wiki}}, but rather one of the following templates:


  • Add support for old (rejected as part of a reform of the request process), although this might not be appropriate anymore.