Incubator:سياسة/صفحة معلومات ويكي الاختبار

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This page is a translated version of the page Incubator:Policy/Test wiki info page and the translation is 55% complete.
This is an official Incubator policy.
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السياسة تقول، في "Wx/xx"، ينبغي أن تضع قالبا، اسمه {{test wiki}}.

هذه الصفحة هي توثيق لهذا القالب ومعاملاته.


المعاملات المطلوبة

  • status=open/toimport/imported/approved/invalidcode/rejected/tocreate
    Use status=approved1 for projects that have been approved but not yet created and exported
  • language= defines both [[wikipedia:{{{language}}} language]] (please check in preview if the link goes right!) and the Meta request (see meta below)
    • (optionally) WP-article للاستثناءات
    • (optionally) meta-link for exceptions (only subpage, i.e. Wikipedia English so not Requests for new languages/Wikipedia English)

معاملات (مهمة) اختيارية

  • meta=yes if it has a request at Meta. If it hasn't, don't use this parameter.
  • dir=RTL for a Right-To-Left language (default is LTR, so parameter is in many cases not needed).
  • macro=xxx when it is member of a macrolanguage (xxx being to ISO 639 code of the macrolanguage).

معاملات أخرى مطلوبة

  • mainpage=Wp/en/Main Page if the second part "Main Page" has a Main Page title that has not yet been translated in the "mainpage" system message (translatable on translatewiki:) or if it has a custom name (i.e. not the same as the system message). يمكنك رؤية النسخة الحالية في MediaWiki:Mainpage/languagecode.
  • meta-n=3 - if the meta request is not the first one (e. g. Requests for languages/Wikipedia English 3)
  • since=Date – date on which the test was created. Do not use if the test has already been approved.
  • لو أن الاختبار تمت الموافقة عليه:
    • bug=13264 حيث الرقم هو طلب فابريكاتور لإنشاء الويكي.
    • created=Date هو تاريخ الإنشاء.
    • before-incubator=yes for wikis which were not yet approved by the Language committee (it's possible that some were on Incubator though)
  • importdate للحالة toimport: لإعلان تاريخ للاستيراد

حالات أخرى

In some cases, it is not appropriate to use {{test wiki}}, but rather one of the following templates:


  • Add support for old (rejected as part of a reform of the request process), although this might not be appropriate anymore..