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  • ٢٤ اپریل ٢٠١٧: دوتيالي ويکيپېډيا جوړه سوه
  • ١٤ اپریل ٢٠١٧ (له څوژبي ويکي سرچينې) څخه : پنجابي ويکي سرچينه جوړه شوه
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    • ١ سپټمبر ٢٠١٢: د ويکيمېډيا د ايمل استولي اله جوړل، د کم فعاله ژبو لړلیک جوړول:
    • 25 July 2012: A series of new features has been added to the Wikimedia Incubator to make it more user-friendly, such as Special:IncubatorFirstSteps for newcomers. See the news page for others.
    • 7 May 2012: A proposal to disable uploading on smaller wikis. Does not affect Incubator, as local uploads are already disabled, but interesting for new wikis.
    • 27 March 2012: Lezgi Wikipedia (and from outside of Incubator: Gujarati Wikisource, Belarussian Wikisource, Slovenian Wikiversity) have been created.
    • 24 February 2012: MediaWiki 1.19 deployment
    • 21 February 2012: International Mother Language Day: IRC office hour about language support
    • 6 February 2012: The Translate extension has been enabled on the Incubator. Translators can now translate in an easier interface at Special:Translate.
    • 1 February 2012: Veps Wikipedia, Punjabi Wiktionary (and from outside of Incubator: Marathi Wikisource) have been created.
    • 13 November 2010: wp/gag, wb/li, wn/eo and wp/pfl (and from outside of Incubator: ws/br and ws/vec) have been created
    • 17 October 2010: wn/fa, wp/koi, wp/bjn and wp/mrj have been created
    • 19 August 2010: wp/frr and wn/ko have been created
    • 2 June 2010: Incubator exists for 4 years
    • 19 March 2010: wp/krc has been created
    • 24 November: The Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia (wp/arz) has been created at — contribute now!
    • 03 November: We now have a mailing list - subscribe then you'll receive important news and discussions.
    • 11 September: The translator group has been created
    • 11 September: The maximum number of subpages allowed to move at one time, has been extended from 100 to 500
    • 23 August: The idea for a translator group has come up
    • 9 August: An interesting feature request on Meta has been proposed: m:Flood flag to allow admins to temporarily hide their actions on recent changes
    • July: Contribute to discussion about the new community draft of the language policy. The policy deals with opening wikis for our current projects in new languages.
    • 10 July: The sidebar has been changed so the search box is at the top of the sidebar.
    • June: We are migrating Main Pages from "Wx/xx" to "Wx/xx/Main Page". Please move the Main Page of your test project!
    • 2 June: Incubator celebrates its 2nd anniversary since its creation on 2 June 2006!
    • 1 June: The Main Page has been redesigned and can be translated.
    • 27 May: BetaWikiversity has been proposed to be closed.
    • 26 May: 15 new wikis have been created.