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Here ye can fynd airtins til information n ither heelpfu pages.

Main information

  • FSS (Frequantlie Speird Speirins) – general heelp aneatt the incubater n wairkin here.
  • Eeditin – airtins til steids wi general heelp aneat the saffware n eeditin.
  • Manual – information n needmants aneatt stairtin ae new test wiki oan the Incubater n whit ye need fer aen ain subdomain.
  • Leid support – information n proablem reportin fer leid support lik fonts, typin, ...

Ither information

  • Glossarie – tae luik up onie byordinair expression that ye micht come across here.
  • ISO 639 – leets o valid ISO 639 leid codes.
  • Policie – the nou policie o the Incubater.
  • Uplaidhou tae uplaid aen eemage oan the Incubater.


The main leid is Inglis, bit gif ye'r na comfortable in Inglis, feel free tae uise anither leid.

Foreby, gif ye hae onie techneecal proablems fer yer leid (lik ae writin system lackin font or typin support), please contact us.