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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Contents and the translation is 96% complete.
Outdated translations are marked like this.

Ere yuh cyaan fiin liniks fi infamaishan an oadda elpful peijs.

Mein infamaishan

  • FAQ (Frequently Aaks Questians) – genaral elp bout di incubaita an workin ere.
  • Editing – links fi sites wid genaral elp bout di soafware an editing.
  • Manual – infamaishan an requiaments bout staatin waah new test wiki pon Incubaita an wha yuh need fi an own subdumain.
  • Langweij suppout – infamaishan an prablem repoatin fi langweij suppoat like fants, typin, ...

Odda infamaishan

  • Glassery – fi look up any speshal expresshan yuh mite come acrass ere.
  • ISO 639 – Lis a valid ISO 639 langweij coads.
  • Palicy – di current palicy a Incubaita.
  • Upload.how fi upload waah image pon Incubaita.


Di mein langweij a Inglish, but if yuh nuh comfatebble wid Inglish, yuh cyaan use waah nadda langweij.

Also if yuh ab nuh technical prablem fi yuh langweij (like writin systim lackin fant or typin suppoat), please cantac us.