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Danita tzemmad atafd isɣunen ɣar ineɣmisn d tifrawin i texsed.

Aneɣmis Azali

  • III (Iseqsan Inɣ d Itasn) – Aɛawen mac mma yegga xf rqareb d rxedmeth danita
  • Aɛdar – isɣunen ɣar isitan n twiza xef aɛdar d software
  • Afas – ineɣmisen xf beddu n usenfar d amaynu deg rqareb d min ttehdajid i subdomin
  • Asbeddi n Ires – Ineɣmisen d apuntar n imxumbar deg ca n ires...

Ineɣmisen nneɣni

  • Asmwal – Mara texsed atesned ca n awal wehdes arahed danita
  • Iso 639 – Lista n ISO 639 ixedmen
  • Policythe current policy of Incubator.
  • Sidefhow to upload an image on Commons and use it here.


Ires azali d taglanzit, maca mara ur das tfehmed, bedder ires mara texsed.

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