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Хуш омадед ба Wikiquote,
маҷмӯи иқтибосҳои озод, ки онҳоро ҳар як нафар метавонад вироиш намояд.
23 мақолаҳо бо Тоҷикӣ навишта шудаанд.
Душанбе, 24 Июни соли 2024, 00:09 (UTC)
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ШахсиятҳоDouglas AdamsDante AlighieriAristotleEmily BrontëBuddhaConfuciusCharles DarwinCharles DickensAlbert EinsteinT. S. EliotRalph Waldo EmersonRichard FeynmanMahatma GandhiJesusJohn KeatsHelen KellerJohn F. KennedyMartin Luther King, Jr.LaoziTimothy LearyMuhammadThomas PaineEleanor RooseveltBertrand RussellWilliam SaroyanWilliam ShakespeareGeorge Bernard ShawPercy Bysshe ShelleyStarhawkLeo TolstoyVirgilVoltaireAnonymous

Асарҳои адабӣDuneFahrenheit 451Leaves of GrassThe Little PrinceThe Lord of the Rings1984Paradise LostPrincipia DiscordiaThe ProphetPride and PrejudiceA Tale of Two Cities

ФилмҳоCasablancaFight ClubFuryGroundhog Day HarveyThe HoursIt's a Wonderful LifeLife of BrianMagnoliaThe MatrixMementoOlympus Has FallenOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestStar WarsTaxi DriverThree Days of the CondorUnited 93

ТВ намоишҳоBabylon 5BlackadderBreaking BadBuffyThe Daily ShowGame of ThronesGilmore GirlsMad MenM*A*S*HMonty Python's Flying CircusMST3KRed DwarfSeinfeldThe SimpsonsStar TrekThe X-FilesTwin PeaksThe West WingWonderfalls


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