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Walwalling from Wongboral

York is the oldest inland town in Western Australia with the first buildings erected in 1836. It is situated on the Avon River, 97 km east of Boorloo in the Wheatbelt, on Ballardong land.[1]

There are two hills near York. Walwalling (Mount Bakewell) is the taller hill overlooking the town. Wongboral (Mount Brown) is the other hill. These hills have stories, see Woonding wer Wilura.

In the York area there are two caves which are significant to Noongar:[2]

  • Dale’s Cave contains hand stencilling and a circular motif painted in Wilgee (Ochre), which is a pigment made from different soils.
  • Frieze’s cave features short, parallel orange-ochre painted strokes.

There is another cave on Ballardong land in the Hyden area, 243 km east of York:

Ngiyan waarnk - References[edit | edit source]

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