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The town of York from Wongboral lookout. Walwalling in the distance

Wongboral is the lower hill overlooking the town of York, whilst Walwalling is the higher hill.

The English name for Wongboral is Mount Brown. There is a walk guide to Mount Brown.[1]

Boodjar Kwel - Meaning of the place[edit | edit source]

Wongboral is where the spirit of the girl Wilura from the valley people lives. Wongboral means sleeping woman. Read the story[2] at the bibol Walwalling (Mount Bakewell), where the spirit of her lover Wunding (or Woonding) from the hills people lives, so they are separated until the mountains come together.

See also the bibool Woonding wer Wilura.

Ngiyan waarnk[edit | edit source]

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